Aliza and the Mind Jar: mindfulness tools for kids

March 4, 2015

We first took notice of Mind Jars about a month ago, and since then we’ve heard about a powerful yoga and mindfulness school program that’s taking the purpose behind the jars — to develop children’s emotion regulation, sustained attention, impulse control, and pro-social behaviors, such as empathy, kindness, and gratitude — to the next level. Kelli Love is a New York-certified teacher who¬†has been teaching in schools since 2000, and has had experience in many educational environments, first as a classroom teacher, and now as a yoga and mindfulness specialist in a public charter school. Her innovative program at Girls […]
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Gather pick: How to decolonize your yoga practice

March 3, 2015

Questions of privilege, power, class, cultural appropriation, and body policing, as they relate to yoga and the yoga industry, are of great interest to us at Gather. (Check out some of the “related posts” below for additional reading.) So we were delighted to read Susanna Barkataki‘s challenging and thought-provoking piece in the Huffington Post yesterday afternoon. Susanna, a Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, puts the Yoga Industrial Complex through its paces in this essay, and we think it’s important to share her persepctive. Here’s an excerpt: As an Indian woman living in the U.S. I’ve often felt uncomfortable in […]
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What your pet can teach you about your practice

March 2, 2015

Learning the meaning of inner peace is truly what our yoga journey/practice is all about, but we humans are complicated beings, struggling with our own psychological baggage, and we need all the help and advice we can get. This month, let’s turn to our furry, friendly, and fun friends for a little inspiration. This topic has been on my mind because my husband and I recently lost our fifteen-and-a half-year-old cat. Deeply saddened, we mourned his passing, but we also laughed between tears at all the joy and fond memories our cat gave us over the years. It struck me […]
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