Happy Easter, and happy spring

April 18, 2014

Today If ever there were a spring day so perfect, so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze that it made you want to throw open all the windows in the house and unlatch the door to the canary’s cage, indeed, rip the little door from its jamb, a day when the cool brick paths and the garden bursting with peonies seemed so etched in sunlight that you felt like taking a hammer to the glass paperweight on the living room end table, releasing the inhabitants from their snow-covered cottage so they could walk out, holding hands and squinting into this [...]
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Brogamats: let’s talk gender, yoga, and just plain cool design

April 17, 2014

Why aren’t more men practicing yoga? It’s a question we’ve asked before, and the gender discrepancy in the yoga world is certainly a recognized issue. The latest “Yoga in America” study, released by Yoga Journal in 2012, showed that 20.4 million Americans practice yoga, but of that number only 17.8% were men. Where do we even BEGIN when it comes to unpacking yoga-related questions of gender, not to mention body policing, race, “skinny white girl yogi syndrome,” and body-shaming? Today, we’re not unpacking. We’re celebrating. Celebrating super-cool design that has the added benefit of appealing to all yogis. Brogamats is [...]
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To nap or not to nap? That is the…zzzzz

April 16, 2014

Is it time for a wake-up call on naps? A new (and totally depressing!) study indicates that there is a correlation between napping and the risk of early death. Or…does it? Researchers from the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge recorded the self-reported sleep habits of 16,374 British men and women over the course of two years, and then followed the research population for an additional 13 years. Researchers saw that short nappers (those who took less than an hour of shut-eye a day) were 14% more likely to die young than those who [...]
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