Poems to power your practice: Early morning, by Louis Dudek

October 23, 2014

Early Morning Something that never was, that now is and that again will not be­­ of which I am the observer (who will also not be) but who observes as from an eternity of no time the moment now, the salesman who made a deal, the young woman who paid him, the red-lipped college girls, bold, a bit shy, the counter girls on a coffee break, the macho men, all milling about unconscious of one another unconscious of the hand of time that makes all things vanish, all fade, all suffer change. And they live today as if they were [...]
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Dear Kate introduces no-underwear yoga pants

October 22, 2014

The world of yoga pants just got a lot more…up close and personal. “The smartest underwear in your drawer.” That’s the raison d’être behind Dear Kate, an NYC-based underwear company that is the brainchild of Julie Sygiel, a chemical engineer who knew there had to be an intersection between luxurious lingerie and high-tech fabrics. And now the Dear Kate-rs have taken things to the next level, releasing yoga pants that are designed to be worn without underwear, and are wicking, stain releasing, and leak resistant: “We’ve engineered a new type of yoga pant that means you’ll never again find your [...]
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Gather pick — Inspiration for your home practice

October 21, 2014

Adrienne Jurado, over at Gaiam TV, gets right to the point when she says, “I’m continuously amazed at how diligent I am at sticking to my yoga practice when I have set days and times that I go to a studio with other people…and how horrible I am at sticking to my practice at home by myself! Why can it be so difficult to do something that makes me feel so good?” Sound familiar? Adrienne gathered inspirational quotations from some of the world’s best-known yoga teachers to help put your home practice routine in perspective, and to motivate you to [...]
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