Yoga Joes: the latest venture from Brogamats

September 16, 2014

Quirky, crafty, creepy, cool? The reaction to Yoga Joes at GatherYoga HQ was mixed: just what were these funky little G.I.s doing in downward-facing dog, and where did they come from in the first place? Dan Abramson first got into yoga to deal with a back injury, and eventually he started Brogamats, a company that creates yoga mats and bags for men, women, and anyone with a sense of humor and an appreciation for good design (we first blogged about Brogamats back in April). Now Dan’s got a new venture, one that involves little green men… Perhaps let’s let him [...]
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Designing a yoga logo? Find your inspiration…

September 15, 2014

Hello, studio owners, yoga teachers, yogi graphic designers, and anyone else who might be dipping their creative toes into the logo design water. Believe us when we say we know how challenging it can be to come up with the right logo for your business (read more about the inspiration for our logo). You want something personal, evocative, simple, beautiful, purposeful, effective, fresh… Woosh! To help you get started, we’re pleased to feature Alex Bigman’s list of 30 unique yoga logos. What incredible inspiration! Here are three of our favorites… (Click to enlarge.) This identity for “O” Yoga and Pilates [...]
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Gather pick — Pranayama for hiking

September 12, 2014

I love this time of year for getting out on trails, urban or not-so, to enjoy the colors of the season. Want to take your hiking up a notch? Consider the experience of Ed Harrold, an expert in breath-based performance and transformation: I came to yoga as a broken and beaten athlete. For many years, I abused my body with the rigors of training and competition. It was always more miles, more strokes, more strides. In reality, it was anything but a mind-body connection. While hiking this past March with my wife and daughters, I was enjoying a moment of [...]
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