Local Focus
TEACHER - Jeanine Oburchay
Private, semi-private and group Anusara-inspired classes. Will travel to most of Fairfield and New Haven counties.
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Latest Feedback
Polia is one of the best yoga teachers in NYC!
new york, NY
United States of America
Welcoming staff and great teachers!
Not being a local, I was a bit worried about showing up for an advanced power yoga class - Baptiste style, but both the students and staff here were so friendly I immediately felt at home. Known for their challenging power yoga classes, I found their restorative and hatha classes to be my favorite.... Details
6200 Trail Blvd
Naples, FL
United States of America
+1 239 598 1938
Teacher - Nico Luce
Saturday, March 29
Nico takes you deep inside.
I have recently done some of Nico's online classes and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The slow and strong pace, his knowledge and application of the body and yogic philosophy, his soothing voice, I love it all. I feel like I go deep inside, both physically and spiritually, to the foundations of myself... Details
Saint Maximin La Sainte Baume, Provence
Teacher - Meghan Currie
Saturday, March 29
Oh, how I love you, Meghan Currie!
Meghan's classes were among the first I took online and right from the start she inspired me. I had no clue of her fame in the yoga community at the time, I simply liked the description of the class and tried it. From then on I was hooked. My whole body feels so good after one of her classes! Her... Details
Teacher - Hemalayaa Behl
Saturday, March 29
Hema is playful and refreshing.
I love Hema's classes; I feel so connected and joyful during and after! I started my yoga journey online and hers were among the first classes I took, she instilled in me a love for the play that can be found in it. Details
Los Angeles, CA
United States of America