20 Questions with Amani Murray

Amani Murray Yoga

gy: What’s your go-to yoga pose when you’ve only got a few minutes to practice? Why do you think it’s so appealing?

am: Go-to yoga pose would be standing half moon (side stretch), I think I must do this pose 20 times a day! Downward Facing dog is another.

gy: Early morning routine? What’s yours? Coffee? Tea?

am: My early morning routine is a necessity! I usually wake early, before the kids, and meditate before all hell breaks loose :) Sometimes coffee, sometimes herbal tea, depending on my mood, and some kind of reading, Bhagavad Gita is my choice right now.

gy: What’s one song you never get tired of hearing?

am: One song I never get tired of hearing? That’s a tough one! I’d say “Success” by Interpol and….”Under the Same Sun” by Ben Howard.amani4

gy: Do you have a favorite quote, affirmation, or saying that gets you through the tough times? What is it?

am: “You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.” –Aslan

gy: How would you describe your yoga teaching style? 

am: My yoga style? Light hearted flow, prana-centric. Prana-centered flow?

gy: How old were you when you first fell in love with the practice of yoga? What was so appealing about it to you?

am: I was 16 when I first found yoga, in a Sivananda book from the library.

gy: What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

am: Originally when I thought about teaching yoga, my first child was * months old, and I was looking for something I could do on the side, that I would like and would get me out of the house! Right around that time I saw a car down the block from me that had a magnet advertising a yoga studio, and I started taking classes there, that was my first time taking studio classes. About 6 weeks later I got a phone call, the teacher had an emergency and asked me to sub, and that was that! Almost a year later we moved to SC, and I was accepted into Asheville Yoga Center’s TT, that was 2002. Now, I understand that teaching yoga and Ayurveda is my path, my dharma, my life!

gy: Describe yourself at 21.

am: Sheesh at 21? Young lol. In a terribly negative relationship, lost, sad, angry, unstable, unaware of my spark.

gy: What would you say has been one of the best parts of growing up, getting older?

am: Well this year I will be 40, and I’m a little dismayed at times, but I love where I am in life right now. The beauty of getting older, or one might say “growing up,” is that I’m becoming friends with myself. I’m more free, less attached to what others think, and I get to be me. And I am happily unapologetic about who I am!

amani6gy: Snack wise, what is your greatest weakness, what can you simply not pass up?

am: Snacks? Hmmm. Popcorn With lots of butter and salt! And chocolate raisins. And Lindt truffles!

gy: What are a couple of your traits you hope your kids (or future kids) inherit? Maybe a couple you hope they don’t?

am: Well I have 4, and I hope they continue to be inquisitive, independent thinkers, spiritually minded, and strong! I hope none of them struggle with self worth and self image, which is one of my struggles still. And, I hope they don’t curse like I do!

gy: Describe your first love in six words or less.

am: My first love? Elementary school, girls chase boys game.amani1

gy: A Sunday all to yourself, how do you spend it?

am: I love Sundays! Sleep in, no kids, quiet with coffee/tea and a good book.

gy: What about a night out on the town? Who would you spend it with? What would you do?

am: Night out? Well I don’t get out much, probably dinner and drinks with my husband, maybe an opera or ballet. Or a scary movie!

gy: Who have you been friends with longest? How did you meet?

am: Carla and Karen Harmen, we were neighbors as kids.

amani2gy: What yoga teacher has most influenced your practice and teaching?

am: My most influential teacher would be Stephanie Keach at AYC!

gy: Can you name three traits you cherish most in this teacher?

am: Rebellious, lighthearted, and authentic

gy: What do you love about your home place?

am: That it’s a haven, that it’s home, my place!

gy: What’s the last thing you binge watched on Netflix?

am: Haha! The last thing I binge watched on Netflix was The Red Road!

gy: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

am: Best piece of advice that comes to mind is what my sister told me at my baby shower – always trust your instinct as a mother, over any other advice that anyone tries to give you!amani3

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