20 Questions with Amy Solara

Amy Solara Yoga

Amy Solara is our newest teacher with a focus we can seriously get behind: yoga for women

Prenatal Yoga, Women’s Yoga, Goddesses and Mystic Circles… get to know our newest yoga mamma Amy Solara

Reading Amy Solara’s Instagram account description “I am a granddaughter of the witches you could not burn…” we had a feeling she would be a great fit with the Gather tribe and wanted to see the intention behind this stunning yoga teacher and mamma.

It was a crisp sunny day in Phoenix, Arizona, sitting outside a cafe, sharing a bite getting to know each other. Amy Solara has an ease to her, a confidence of a woman who is comfortable in her skin and in her new role as mother. Expecting her second child, with her first in tow, Amy Solara shared her story. How she came to know Anton, the father of her child(ren), their beautiful birth story, and her inspiration to teach prenatal yoga to other expecting mothers and mothers to be.

Hometown: El Centro, CA

Adopted Home: Scottsdale, AZ

what began as a purely physical practice became much deeper, and developed into one of my main ways of connecting to the divine. ~Amy Solara Click To Tweet

gy: Why do you teach yoga?  

AS: I think yoga is one of the best things any human being can do for themselves—it completely changes your life if you let it. I love sharing this practice with as many people as possible, especially women.

Amy Solara Yoga

gy: What first brought you to the mat?

AS: I was first introduced to yoga through my dance program as a way to increase flexibility and balance, but didn’t practice regularly. It wasn’t until after my divorce that I sought out yoga again (almost five years later) as an alternative to traditional therapy. I dove into every aspect—what began as a purely physical practice became much deeper, and developed into one of my main ways of connecting to the divine.

gy: What yoga teacher(s) has most influenced your practice and teaching?

AS: Anton Mackey is the first name that comes to mind—not only was he my teacher during YTT, he is my life partner, and so yoga is part of our family. I’ve learned so much from taking his classes and discussing yoga at home with him, and just by his example every day.

The other teacher who has had a major impact on the way I teach yoga to women is Ixeeya Lin, who first introduced me to what she called “women’s yoga.” It’s deep, magical, and resonates with every woman who comes to my class.

gy: How would you describe your teaching style?

AS: I come from a dance background, so most of what I teach I flow together, linking movements together like a dance.

gy: What’s your go-to yoga pose when you only have a few minutes?

AS: Down dog, Adho Mukha Svanasana! Hands down! But seriously, it is a great way to relieve back pressure, to increase circulation and stretch in the legs and feet, and is almost like an inversion for when you’re pregnant.

gy: Where do you most tap into inspiration? Any resources you could share with us? 

Amy Solara YogaAS: Goddess Mythology is where I get the most inspiration. I am a big nerd when it comes to history and reading. I love using the stories of the sacred feminine to form my classes. Even if I don’t go into detail about them in every class, I feel that incorporating some form of the Goddess Mythology really brings a deeper soul connection to my classes.

gy: What would the soundtrack of your life sound like? 

AS: It would be a mix of a few of my Spotify playlists: “Draw Down the Moon”, “Fleetwood Mac”, and “Good Vibe Tribe” with a little Rat Pack and Ella Fitzgerald thrown in.

gy: Describe your life ten years from now. Where are you living? What are you doing?

AS: I have no idea! My life ten years ago was so radically different, so I don’t want to even pretend that I know what is in store. I can only hope there is a lot of love, yoga, magic and happiness!

I am a granddaughter of the witches you could not burn... ~Amy Solara Click To Tweet

Amy Solara Yogagy: What is your favorite tradition or ritual?

AS: I like casting circles.

I am part of a tradition in witchcraft that uses casting a circle to begin every ritual. This custom creates sacred space, and am trying to implement this as well when I teach.

gy: You have a Sunday all to yourself. How do you spend it?  

AS: Drawing, painting, do magic rituals, yoga, and reading my favorite novels with a cozy blanket by the fireplace that has a roaring fire and eating homemade (by me) pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes.

gy: What do you value most in your relationships?

AS: Honesty and communication. If you can be honest with me and yourself, then there is no conflict that we can not talk out and resolve.

gy: Tell us about your first love. Five words or less.  

AS: dreamy, romantic, childish

gy: What’s the picture on your phone’s background? Why did you choose it?

AS: My son, always! It rotates monthly with a picture of him.

Amy Solara Yoga

gy: When you’re gone, what do you hope people remember about you?

AS: That I did my best to share the knowledge I’ve been blessed with, with as many people as possible, to help the world be a better place.

gy: Any particular yama, niyama or sutra that speaks to you right now? 

AS: Ishvara Pranidhana – just learning to always surrender, that my plans can’t compare to that of the divine.

gy: In your parallel life, what are you doing? Any other callings that have taken the backseat to yoga that we should know about?  

AS: Touring as a dancer with one of my favorite bands, performing aerial acrobatics and fire spinning, and modeling for tattoo mags like Inked Magazine… that literally was my life and my path until I met my partner. There are still a few photos of those days if you scroll back far enough on my Instagram feed, but I’ve taken down many of them since becoming a mom.

gy: If neither time nor money were a concern, what would you do?

AS: Try to save all the rainforests by buying their land and employing locals to be rangers focusing on stoping poaching and deforestation. Shut down cow industry ranches that cause the habitat loss. Buy as many fishing and cruise ship companies as possible and close them to begin saving the oceans. I would employ the people working for these companies to instead clean the oceans and find clean energy resources. Change policies on hazing Buffalo in America so they may roam freely on the grazing land that was originally theirs… Basically, I would focus on saving the planet. I would do this while also helping people learn about permaculture, natural birth, holistic medicine, and the healing power of meditation and yoga.

forgive yourself—you’re doing the best you can everyday ~Amy Solara Click To Tweet

gy. What is your astrological sign. What do you most identify with about it?

AS: Virgo—I am a recovering perfectionist, and I love making lists, and I want to fix everything…lol, so basically a virgo through and through.

Amy Solara Yogagy: What is your spirit animal?

AS: Lion—I received a message that he is my power animal while participating in a Native American shamanic drumming ritual.

gy: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

AS: “forgive yourself—you’re doing the best you can everyday”

Check out more of Amy Solara in her GatherProfile. Practice with Amy with her Prenatal Yoga Flow in the comfort of your home. If you find yourself in the Scottsdale area of Arizona hit up her weekly classes and workshops.