20 Questions with Sophie Lufkin

sophie Lufkin

gy: What is your go-to yoga pose, when you’ve only got a few minutes to practice? Why do you think it’s so appealing?

sl: For me, there is no such thing as an “ideal” yoga pose. Each day has a specific energy, and in response we need to become more and more connected to ourselves to know what is going to make us feel good. Sometimes, it’s just an easy forward-fold, for instance rag doll pose, to feel the extension in the back body. Sometimes it’s a good ol’ downward facing dog, to stretch the spine and lengthen the back of the legs – sometimes a headstand or even a hand stand when we need to kick-start the day and make the energy circulate.Sophie Lufkin

gy: Early morning routine? What’s yours? Coffee? Tea? 

sl: In general I try to avoid routines. I don’t really have a morning routine; actually, maybe just being grateful, saying thank you for what I have.

gy: What is one song you never get tired of hearing?

sl: Bird songs! I love hearing the sounds of nature. I will never get tired of that.

gy: Do you have a favorite quote, affirmation, or saying that gets you through the tough times? What is it?

sl: Keep smiling, no matter what life throws at you.

gy: How would you describe your yoga teaching style?

sl: Playful, dynamic, fluid, creative, intuitive, both sweet and powerful.

Sophie Lufkingy: How old were you when you fell in love with the practice of yoga? What was so appealing about it to you?

sl: I started my journey with yoga at the age of 23. I started studying the body when I was very young, mainly through classical and contemporary dance. With yoga, the experience of my own body changed, radically; I discovered it is all about pleasure and sensations. Yoga taught me to choose the path of experience and adventure, rather than the search for success and performance. I discovered a very powerful, integral technique, which helped me find peace in the body and the mind.

gy: What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

sl: I just couldn’t help it! I had it deep inside me. I had to listen to my inner voice. One day, I was in a studio where I used to take classes in Mexico City. The teacher was late and the other students were getting impatient. I felt the urge to stand up, pretend I was the teacher and teach the class! Thankfully, I didn’t; I imagine it would have been a mess. But this event acted as a trigger. I decided to commit more intensely, and I started my journey as a yoga teacher, travelling around the world to study with renowned yoga masters. Today, I realize teaching really gives sense to my personal practice. I can share with my students everything I receive through the practice. In turn, I try to help them become the best versions of themselves and realize their inner potential.

gy: Describe yourself at 21.

sl: A wild animal!!! Passionate, impatient, adventurous, sometimes trouble-maker, but also lacking self-confidence, in search for my Dharma, my inner guidance.

Sophie Lufkingy: What would you say has been one of the best parts of growing up, getting older?

sl: Getting to know myself. Becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses, being able to hear (and listen to) my inner voice, knowing better what will make me feel good in a durable, lasting way.

gy: Snack wise, what is your greatest weakness, what can you simply not pass up?

sl: Homemade energy balls (ask for the recipe, I’ll share!)

gy: What are a couple of traits of your own that you hope your kids (or future kids) may inherit. Maybe a couple you hope they don’t?

sl: My sense of humor, my determination (which can sometimes turn into stubbornness) and my fearlessness (which often makes me act stupid!).

gy: Describe your first love, in six words or less.

sl: Short but intense.

gy: A Sunday all to yourself, how do you spend it?

sl: Ah ! Let’s see… it’s been a long time. I’d stay in bed for a while; I’d take some time to practice and meditate longer than what I can usually squeeze in my busy days. I’d overindulge in a nice sophie Lufkinand healthy brunch; I’d ask a friend to come along with me to the sauna. Hmmm, I really am longing for that!

gy: What about a night out on the town? Who would you spend it with? What would you do?

sl: I would meet my kula! Go to a nice restaurant, or have dinner at a friends’ place, go out for a drink or two and then dance through the night!

gy: Who have you been friends with the longest and how did you meet?

sl: My mom! It’s a long, long story….

gy: What yoga teacher has most influenced your practice and teaching? 

sl: That’s a difficult question. I like to tell my students, “the greatest teacher is yourself.” More seriously, my yoga journey has been influenced by many yogis around the world, dead and alive. To name one, I would pick my friend and teacher, Simon Park, with whom I have shared many intense experiences.SL5

gy: Can you name three traits you cherish most in this teacher?

sl: Devotion, sincerity and… felinity!

gy: What do you love most about your home space?

sl: My altar and my fireplace. I can spend hours meditating on the flames, losing track of time.

gy: What was the last thing you binge watched on Netflix?

sl: Honestly I never watch TV, and I very rarely take time to watch movies. I think the last movie I watched was “Les aventures de Rabi Jacob” (which, by the way, I was seeing for the fifth time!), it’s a comedy with famous, French actor Louis de Funès.

gy: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

sl: Be happy :)


SL1Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Sophie Lufkin brings a dynamic yet playful approach to her teachings based on the wisdom of her lineage- including Shiva Rea, Simon Park (Prana Flow), Dharma Mittra and Sri Andrei Ram. You can find her many different places around Lac Leman, so the best way to track her down is to visit her website here:       www.yoganimals.com     


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