3 Day Juice Fast- Day 3

And I am back. Day three started on a more hungry note, but was coming off of better sleep than the night prior. Started my day with warm water and lemon (daily ritual that I will definitely continue) as I watched the boys eat their pumpkin pancakes (grrrrowl.) – my stomach. What was Fred thinking?

Progressed to the usual herbal tea and then only my last juice number 1 (thank you, God.) I am feeling good, but am ready to be off the juice. Not completely repulsed by the taste, and no. 2 was even doctored up by my juice coach with a bit of lemon juice, so should be more palpable today, but ready to be back to solid food nonetheless.

Lunchtime is another yoga class, a yin one. Moving makes all of this feel right. I cannot recommend a gentle yoga class throughout a cleanse like this enough. It makes such a difference to get quiet, tune in, and really feel the body drawing into itself through mindful meditative movement. It also makes the time pass more quickly to be occupied with a teacher talking you through the class, which is a major bonus.

It is getting easier to be around food without wanting to eat. The juices actually keep me full, so it is really just getting over wanting to physically nibble on whatever is around me that is the biggest challenge. And it is starting to happen! Keeping busy is also a big part of making this happen with ease.

The day actually ends pretty uneventfully, apart from breaking my clease with a glass of red wine (oops!) I followed it up with another juice, cantalope (soft fruits recommended,) and a quick morning juice fast to make up for the shrimp salad, asparagus, and beans with rice that I had the night (double, triple and quadruple… OOPS!)

Hey, nobody’s perfect. All in all, the cleanse went amazingly well. I will absolutely do another in the Spring. One of the things that I have especially loved was that I prepared a vegetable soup on Saturday, froze it, and then defrosted it at the end of the fast. Having that to nibble as the day after progressed was amazing. So far, I am most impressed by my newfound hyer awareness of food intake, something I had really let go by the wayside snacking on whatever my little boys were eating, whenever, AND my sugar intake. The daily chocolate chip cookies were getting a little out of control, frankly.

But am I cleaner after the cleanse? That is probably the big question. I did not weigh myself before or after, so not sure about weight loss (that was not the point), but my body does feel light. I feel very clear, as was promised, and have had some bursts of creativity (check out those Mason jingle jars!) I am still a believer that something like this is needed to ‘clean’ out the body.. it is a magial wonderful machine and can manage on its own. What I can say is that I never enjoyed the taste of food so much. And as a food lover, to augment my appreciation makes me one happy girl. Food lovers delight… a juice cleanse CAN be good for you, too!

Now holidays, bring it on! The cleanse was just the right break between Thanksgiving and Christmas indulgences, which was the goal. It would also be a fantastic way to start the new year/end 2013 on a positive note. I am convert, I must confess. Have felt amazing since the end of it, and the juicing high has continued on into the fourth day, even having integrated food and a little more wine back into my diet. Turning over new leaves just before saying goodbye to 2013 feels pretty darned good. Give it a try!

If I can do it, anyone, and by that I do mean any-one.

Adios 2013 and Happy Wishes for 2014!

Mason Jingle Jar How-To:  Fill up clean jars a third of the way with white ‘snow’ (sand), drop a little glass candle in, wrap a strip of burlap around it and tie it up with a jingle bell and a bow, and Voila! Rustic chic holiday candles for all your besties. You’re welcome.

With warm winter wishes and to all a good night,





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