30 Days of Yoga with The Local Collective of Gather!

30 days of yoga

Get to know The Local Collective teachers of Gather!

Halfway into the first week of a brand spanking new year, resolutions established (or intentionally not) and rituals beginning to take shape, we want to offer you the chance to get to know the teachers who are the vision and voice of Gather a little better.

We have curated a $30 collection of some of our favorite videos to share with you of 30 different videos! That is a STEAL, y’all!

We have created this offer as a chance for you to jumpstart a rusty practice OR if you are new or curious about yoga, this is for perfect for you. The progression throughout the 30 days will follow the same theme:

Laurel YogaDay 1: Move Your Asana
Day2: Inside Out Core
Day 3: Building Strength through Movement
Day 4: Break it Down: A Tutorial
Day 5: Mindull Meditation: Daily Tactics
Day 6: Flow if Out
Day 7: Wind it Down: Slow and Steady



We have an array of teachers that will guide you through this 30 day opportunity, each of them incredibly talented and respected in their communities. Discovering these kinds of hidden (and sometimes not so hidden!) gems is what makes growing Gather so much fun.

“What if I didn’t sign up on the first day?”

It doesn’t matter! Your 30 days starts from the moment you sign up! You will notice that each day through January we are highlighting our release, but even if you start the last week of January, you can still have a 30 day adventure. You can start to expect a new collection of our curated selections every month…

Sneak peak of February: Make More Love.

We are ramping up the spice factor over here at Gather.

So what are you waiting for?


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