4 ways to connect to your yoga practice as a new mother

Advice for yogini mommas from the epic Kelly-Jean Moore of Mission Yoga (Charleston, South Carolina.) She gave birth six months ago yesterday, and is piecing together the complexities of mothering all the while keeping in touch with herself. Here are four few beautiful ways to stay connected to your yoga practice as a new mother:

Leave your mat unrolled somewhere in your house at all times. It cuts down on the inertia and resistance around practice when you are tired. (I’m assuming you have a second mat in your car and a third at your studio like I do.)

2. Commit:
If you only have time for one pose, so be it. Practice that one pose in search of Sthira and Sukha, connect to breath, employ your bandhas, and remember that one pose practiced with pure awareness is all it takes to bring you back into the flow of this moment.

3. Prioritize:
If you think you have time for a full practice change the order of events. Sit and do pelvic floor/transversus work first( it not only brings your yoga practice back from the brink of destruction, but it also curtails that whole sneeze-and-pee thing you are still rocking). From there, flow right in to meditation. (It is the deepest yoga, after all). If the baby is still asleep, you can move on to a timed Savasana. If the baby continues to sleep, by some miracle of Ganesha, move on to asana.
Slap a second savasana on at the end and witness the magic….or just quietly sob as you come to terms with your new and profound life lessons.

Trust me. If you put asana first you will not savasana or meditate for weeks/months/years……and you need that shit.

4. Surrender:
Bow at the lotus feet of your teacher or teachers and know that it is all yoga…besides, their feet are so cute and kissable it is easy to finally understand this whole Bhakti thing. :)

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