Our Identity

Gather is the yoga collective for bold, balanced yogis who are interested in authenticity, community, and the odd gin martini. (Everything in moderation, right?) We are a global network of inspirational teachers and dedicated students, and a platform for honest reviews and recommendations. Our members are novices and experts, adventurers and traditionalists — diversity is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes us open, inclusive, and downright awesome. Simply put, we believe amazing things can happen when people gather together.

Our Mission

To bring together yoga enthusiasts from around the world by fostering connection, collaboration, and community.

Our Story

It all started in the snow-capped Alps of Switzerland, when two American expats crossed paths… It sounds like the beginning of a romance, and in a way it was: we (Alesha and Natalie, your friendly Gather co-founders) bonded over our mutual love of all things yoga, and our desire to create something to serve the yoga community. Channeling our energy and expertise as mothers, athletes, and entrepreneurs, we began building an inspiring meeting place for yogis — and Gather was born.

Welcome to Gather. Here, you already belong.