Acoustic Asana – Mat Music with Keylnn


Why do you practice yoga? Is it for the workout, or for the work through?

I practice the asana- the physical postures of yoga- for both a physical challenge as well as mental restoration. I practice to remove, to restore and to reconnect to my authentic self.

Perhaps that little voice in your head just said, “Authentic self? Oh that’s just yogi-nese”… but it’s not. Not to me.

For example, since this is a “mat music” contribution, think of it like a song. In the music industry, an acoustic song is known as the raw version, without amplification. Acoustic can also refer to how the sound of the instrument, be it a guitar, or vocals, is transmitted. Now, switch gears back to the idea of an “authentic self.” Simply stated, “authentic” translates to being true to yourself, despite the influences of others on your spirit, despite the ups and downs, the reactions.

I don’t know about you, but with as much as we have available to us these days, I get easily caught up in the “noises” of life. Otherwise known as the go there, do this, should, need to, have to, and especially, the FOMO (fear of missing out). Practicing on my mat allows me to bring awareness to what noises are drowning out my authentic self. Over and over again, I notice how the moving meditation of asana to music removes the amplifications—the pressures and influences of our senses and the energy of the world. It is on my mat that I can work through the extreme highs of my day and the extreme lows of my day, or whatever else I may have picked up along the way. It is through my yoga practice that I can reconnect to my breath and my heart, in order to restore my mind to a place of authenticity.

I invite you to use this playlist of acoustic versions of songs to help you get flowing on your mat. Bring awareness to how you feel before you get on your mat. As you move through the asana, ask yourself, “Who am I without amplification?” Dig deep. What can you work through? What can you let go of?


Listen to the raw beat of your heart.

It’s waiting to reconnect.


Gypsy soul, Kelynn GiornoMat Music, has been blessed to call many places home, but currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her beloved pup, Anika. Career-wise, Kelynn is program analyst by day, yoga teacher and writer by night. Her lifelong passion for music has landed her the role of “Resident Mixologist” for GatherYoga. Check out her bi-monthly articles, complete with playlists, to infuse your yoga practice with tunes guaranteed to open your mind and speak to your heart! 


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