AMAZE-balls almond butter chocolate chip cookies

I consider myself to be a chocolate chip connoisseur of sorts. It is absolutely in my “biggest weakness” category, and goes without saying it would be on my “last meal” menu. So, when it comes to people trying to pull the wool over my eyes with any kind of alteration to my love of the classic, I am a complete snob.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Stuck in the house today with two snotty-nosed kids, one of whom has fever and is thus banished from Montessori school, I had to resort to what was at hand. Out of butter. Not off to a great start. That would normally rule out any potential craving for making chocolate chip cookies, but I was on a mission today, it would appear.

I wasn’t even looking for something that fit the category gluten-free, but did stumble upon this amazing recipe, which happens to be flourless:

With two little kids, I am always looking for alternatives to crap. Plain and simple. When I saw how chock-full these were of almond butter, I simply HAD to try them out.

They are incredible. Probably the most expensive cookie I have ever eaten — it literally calls for a cup of almond butter — but for a recipe with no butter, no oil, no sugar (okay, honey, but that is good for my kid’s allergies!), no flour, I am pretty impressed. Kids scarfed them, too. These are going in the “remake” archives, for sure. I highly recommend you give them a try if you have a jar of almond butter begging to become a pretty exquisite little cookie that even the kiddos will love. Just leave the salt off of the top because they are pretty savory even without the addition. The almond topper is a must, though. Fancifies what looks a little un-savory before they are baked. Trust me on that one.




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