The Aries New Moon invites a New Beginning

New moon in aries

A New Moon in Aries

a New Beginning awaits…

A New Moon in Aries falls on Sunday evening, April 11th -Monday morning, April 12th, depending on where you are in the world… and we find the Astrology for this New Moon a very important time!

Why, is this new moon in Aries any different than the others?

To begin, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, which beckons a new Astrological year, every year. But, THIS year is special with a coupling of these elements:

  • New moon = New lunar CYCLE
  • 1st zodiac sign = NEW Beginning of a NEW Astrological YEAR
  • Saturn & Jupiter Conjunction in Aquarius last December kicked off a series of 200 years of conjunctions in AIR signs = NEW ERA

Aries is a fire sign, symbolizing reinvention, renewal, resurrection. All of this is also in the context of Saturn Squaring Uranus which is a theme for the year… old vs. new, control vs. freedom… you get the idea.  Essentially, this New Moon represents a Significant New Beginning.

Aries New Moon

What else is going on astrologically with this New Moon in Aries?

A very strong gathering of 7 bodies in Aries:

Sun & Moon
Mercury &  Venus
Chiron, Ceres, and Eres

(Kuiper Belt Objects / Dwarf Planets)

The energy of the planetary landscape aligns with our collective landscape on Earth

We see the macro and micro connection on so many levels, and looking to the astral bodies can give insights into our lives here on Earth. You’d be living in a serious bubble not to feel the contraction that’s been on high-level in the collective for over a year now. Astrologically we see it with the planets – from Mars and beyond- all being in a constrained area of the Zodiac since March 2020. When Mars moved into conjunct the North Node in Gemini on March 26th recently, it shifted into a new hemisphere and broke free of this tight constraint. This gives a sense of a new beginning, shifting from control into freedom, and offers an expanded perspective of the choice we have in front of us.

Aries New MoonALL of this, coupled with the planets moving direct until April 27th (when Pluto moves retrograde) creates a very Dynamic, quickly moving, forward energy, literally igniting energy into your Sankalpa.  

How to use this astrological energy to your benefit:

The planets are aligning to propel us into a new beginning…. which is THE PERFECT time to re-visit (or create!) your Sankalpa, or personal intention.

Not sure what we are talking about?  Check out our Video Collection from the Sankalpa Gathering.  A series of 6 practices, with 6 teachers, a workbook to guide you on your journey, and 3 bonus videos. This is a journey to reveal your Sankalpa, refine it, and plant your seed of intention to realize your path and your purpose. Very powerful practices of manifestation.

It’s pretty clear that NOW is the time to reveal your path. The North Node, which represents our Dharmic Path, or Calling in this life, is currently in Gemini. The sign of the twins depicts two paths for us, inviting a personal decision.

At this time, it is important to step into discernment. Do not make decisions quickly. Drop into your heart, and expand your intuition.


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