The BEST 7 Day Cleanse to Create YOUR New Health Habits

Simplicity in 7 days

Almost halfway through January and if you are anything like us some of those resolutions have already gone by the wayside.


You know what? SO WHAT. Here is the beautiful part about that. Every single day is a another chance to start something new. Again. Fresh. Even if you completely botched it yesterday. Who cares? Wake up and do better. Because you can. And if you don’t? Well, maybe the day after tomorrow is good for that. It doesn’t have to be the first day of the month. What a bunch of hype all that is anyway, in our humble opinions.

So here is the deal.

Even today (not the first day of the year because- #cliche) and even if you botched all those amazing “revolutions” (because we don’t DO resolutions!), the routines that you are putting in place will create habits for the upcoming year. For better or worse, y’all. It takes about 2 months to have a habit take effect, so what that means is that sticking to the routine is essential if you want it to feel second nature. Waking up and craving that green juice instead of the bagel? You are going to have to clock some effort to make it happen, y’all. Getting lazy and eating the popcorn in front of Netflix every night? That becomes habit, too. Check your habits before you wreck… oh whatever. Just be mindful, okay?

This is where Jenn Pike enters- stage left. We have known Jenn for a few years now and have watched as she has evolved her approach to nutrition based on the “better out than in” philosophy. What the heck does that even mean?

Well, Jenn like to talk poop, guys. Elimination (well, digestion, really) is one of her pillars for nutrition and we are big BIG fans. And since at least one of us at Gather is a teenage boy in an almost 40 year old female body, talking poop makes us more happy than it should. Or maybe it should! I am sure Jenn would say YES! It should!

She is offering a FREE 7 day detox for the body that is epic. This isn’t a shorter more simplified version of her larger offering, she gives you well over 20 different recipes, four different online exercise routines, full explanations of the pillars of her philosophy, and so much incredible information. She calls it a seven day detox but you could easily use all of this information to have a month long experience. Get that behavior well on its way to becoming a habit!

We love sharing good people doing good things.

That’s Jenn for you.

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Simplicity in Seven

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