Bryonie Wise: Heart Roar

I wonder if there is ever a place to arrive in that lets tender hearts be brave & wild.

I wonder if we shy-ones ever live beyond that place, although even as the words fall, I know I’ve visited there once or twice or maybe more times, too.

Each moment I think that I couldn’t possibly discover another layer of vulnerability or reveal a new portal to an unknown dimension, Spirit shows up to as if to say, ‘I see you hiding under your skin & it’s time to let the world in; I see your heart quiver with nerves & that bottom lip begin to shake, & I know you think that the threat of tantrum might turn me away from the task at hand, but alas, daughter … I have been to alltheplaces & in my own heart, I hold allthethings & you already know that past your comfort zone, everything awaits, so you keep moving to the beat of your own drum … &, it’s time to pick up the pace.’

We have this one-sided conversation & her words spur the urge to hold on, to grip with my heels, to stay in this space that is at-once familiar & foreign … but before I know it, the words have stripped me naked & free.



Bryonie Wise

Bryonie’s life is rooted in the belief that when we come from a place of love, anything is possible. When not teaching yoga or writing her heart to the bone, she can be found frolicking in the sunshine with her camera & her dog, Winston, living her yoga. Stay in the loop of all her magical happenings, connect with her on Facebook, Instagram—& maybe even add her first book, HEART ROAR: A Book of Tiny Prayers to your collection.


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