Chocolate Sesame Chia Pudding

Holy delicious!

Ran out of my staple 72% chocolate bar that usually follows up post-breakfast meals (that’s right, guiltless antioxidant super food that it is in my heart…) and was desperate for something sweet and sultry to satiate my discriminating palate (a.k.a. sweet tooth) last night.

Got a little creative (or so I thought) and decided to play around with some chia pudding. It turned out, well, meh, but mixing chocolate chips in can salvage just about any recipe, am I right?

Today, bound to the home for the long haul with a feverish child, the reserved chocolate shelf in my pantry still sitting abandoned, I decided to kick it up a notch. I added a little extra cacao powder, and stirred in a little tahini, and OHHHHH my did it remedy the meh to hell YES this is exactly the dessert I have always needed in my life. 

And then I Googled my ingredients and found this recipe, which puts all of my efforts to shame.  And so, it is with humble deference that I share it with you. Do enjoy.

(And a word of advice. When you are feeling proud, basking in that culinary sense of accomplishment/originality/I-am-Nigella-reincarnate, I highly suggest NOT Googling your ingredients. Just don’t.)

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