Circling: The Yoga of Authentic Relating and Embodied Leading

Circling and Leading

Amy Silverman, founder of The Connection Movement will be here in Charleston, SC, September 15 – 18

to kick off a new Charleston community of people interested in the practice of Authentic Relating.

I first met Amy and was introduced to the practice of Circling when she came for a visit earlier in the

spring. A small group of women and men gathered at a friend’s house to sit in pairs and as a big group

while Amy led us through a series of progressive relational meditation exercises. In each one we were

prompted to feel what it was like to be us with the other, to name what we noticed, to speak our

assumptions and stories and have them clarified, to get really curious about another’s world and to

share more of our own than we usually do in a space where we were actually heard. As someone who is

very interested in conscious and clear communication and views it as the next frontier of my yogic

practice, it was such a simple yet profound experience. I felt like I “knew” all of these things, yet the

way Amy facilitated the safe space and guided the explorations and the opportunity to be with like-

minded folks practicing this instead of being simply thrown to the wolves in our everyday relating, made

the experience profound. It immediately and permanently changed the way I communicate and opened

up new depths of conversation with my partner that very weekend. I am now so excited to be starting

The Connection Movement here in Charleston.

Amy is leading two separate workshops in these practices to start us off. September 17 and 18 will be a

deep dive into Circling and Authentic Relating and September 15 and 16 will combine these practices as

well as improvisation and other games to inform Embodied Leadership and Facilitating — teaching us to

lead from a place of more authenticity, vulnerability, spontanaeity, and creativity.

You will walk away from either of these events having upped your relating game and with concrete tools

to be more present and connected to those you care about most and having created a community of

practice and support to continue to grow.

Read more and register at the links below.

If you are interested and are having trouble making it work, reach out to me at

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