Connect. Grow. Share. New Year, New Gather!


Hello Gatherers! We are back!! Having spent the final moments of 2015 unplugged and decompressing, we definitely missed sharing the beauty that we see as Yoga with you, our community. Quiet moments spent with family offline and recharging our own batteries. Internal Inquiry. Clocking miles on speedometers. Toasting endings and beginnings with loved ones. Hiking dusty red rocks. Fireside marshmallow roasting. Sweaty afternoon walks… It has been a memorable holiday season, and one that we soaked up completely. But here we are again, ready to shake things up into 2016!

In the coming months, we have much to share with you. We are literally bursting at the seams with excitement ourselves!

In addition to the rich written content provided by our talented group of contributors every week will also be the discovery of teachers in YOUR communities that we are stumbling upon by the day. The Local Collective of Gather teachers has been growing steadily since its quiet inception last Spring. Organic spread means teacher to teacher, connecting deeply on a level of quality and experience. Teaching that needs sharing with the world beyond the front steps of their home studios. What more perfect place than an online platform for them to share their voices? And while we are beginning on the grassroots level at an attempt to help these teachers delicately break from their comfortable cocoons, our intention is to light them up as they spread their wings in transformation. We hope you will help support us (and them!) in this endeavor. And if you are teacher making an impact on your community, we need to talk:)

THIS is our purpose. Our 2016 is about the Teacher. Giving them a platform to grow. Sharing their offerings online. Connecting more deeply to their tribes.

Wishing you peace.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Natalie & Alesha



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