Gather Yoga GROW Style Guide

We are always looking for new voices to share with our community. If you want to submit yours, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.


Colon followed by capital letter when what follows is a full sentence or if it starts with a proper noun, i.e.: In Warrior Two, you should always do two things: Lift your arms up over your head and press down through your back heel.

  • Numbers one through nine are spelled out, numbers 10 and up are numerals, unless they’re the beginning of the sentence. i.e.: Ten people went to the studio. I went to the studio with 10 people.
    • Headlines and subheads are always numerals, i.e. 10 Reasons To Practice Yoga.
    • Unless at the beginning of a sentence, always use numerals for age and percentages (and spell out ‘percent,’ don’t use the symbol %)

Yoga Grammar

  • Yoga poses are always capitalized
    • i.e. Virabhadrasana, Warrior I
    • i.e. Adho Mukha Shvanasana, Downward Dog
  • OK, OM, Aum
  • Types of yoga are always capitalized but yoga is not
    • Kundalini (note that this is the type of yoga)
    • Yoga Nidra
  • Sanskrit terms are not capitalized
    • i.e. pranayama, santosha, sattva
    • kundalini the energy is not capitalized
  • Ayurveda / Ayurvedic


Try to include one internal link to a Gather Yoga piece or video

  • If there is research cited or suggested (i.e. ‘Research says meditation is X’) link to a credible source
  • Make sure each link opens in a new window


  • Em dash (—) to offset independent sentence clauses
    • Don’t use spaces on either side of the em dash
    • No capital letter after em dash
  • En dash (–) for date ranges + quotations not a hyphen (-)
    • When using quotes use a space on either side of the en dash, i.e. “Without yoga, I would be even crankier.” – Kristin Diversi
    • For a number or date range no space on either side of en dash, i.e. 1914–2016

Pull Quotes  (the little “ on top of the WP menu”

  • Used to share bits of info and break up the piece
  • Don’t italicize or use quotes around the words—the “ button will do that
  • Use like pull quotes you see in a magazine: quotes/pieces of interest


  • 1960s not 1960’s
    • But when abbreviated it’s ’60
  • Date ranges: Knock off century if in same century. 1982–98 / 1992–2002 / 2000–10

Other Grammar

Book titles / movie titles in italics

  • Song titles in quotations
  • Earth v. earth = I ran my hand through the wet earth (When it’s being used as “soil” or “land”) I live on Earth. The Earth is our planet. I am connected to the Earth (When it’s being used as the planet, or our cosmic home.)
  • AP style, i.e. no Oxford comma: She bought cereal, milk and bananas from the store. OR She couldn’t decide if she wanted to buy cereal, milk or bananas with her spare change
  • Single space after period
  • Ellipsis = should have space after ellipses and capital letter… Like this. Note it’s not AP style.
  • 2:30 p.m. / 12:00 a.m
  • When dealing with money, use the $ sign

Headline Capitalization

  • “for” is not capital i.e.: Choose the Best Teacher for You
  • “With” is capitalized
  • “This” is capitalized
  • “From” is capitalized
  • “How” is capitalized
  • “It” is capitalized
  • “and” is not capitalized
  • “Are” should be capitalized
  • “If” should be capitalized
  • “Is” should be capitalized
  • “As” should be capitalized
  • “on” is not capitalized
  • “in” is not capitalized
  • No ampersands in headlines (always ‘and’)

Photo Credits

  • Place in caption in WP image as “Image courtesy of Source”