Cranberry-Carob Granola by Nadine of Cook&Glow

Cranberry +Carob Granola
If you’ve followed my Instagram lately, you know my home turned into a granola factory. I’ve always loved granola (who doesn’t?!) but hadn’t made it for a really long time when my husband started complaining about his breakfast habits. He said he needed some new “wake-up” inspiration and motivation. The wheels started turning, and I started trying my granola recipes with different superfoods and a bunch of delicious flavors. Mon chéri found his favorite wake-up blend in this crispy carob and cranberry granola! Very luscious and nourishing, energizing and gentle on the stomach – what a sweet way to wake up!Cranberry +Carob Granola
I love switching the classic cacao for carob when I want a more subtle sweet flavor and something very stomach friendly; yes, carob is known to be soothing on the digestive system. It’s also full of essential minerals like calcium, copper, manganese, potassium and it contains polyphenols (important antioxidants that help fight against free radicals and toxins). It can help lower bad cholesterol, and it boosts the immune system to support general health and well-being. It’s also worth mentioning that carob is very low in calories, and it had even been shown to be “toxic” to cancer cells!


cranberry + carob granolaCranberries are power houses in terms of nutrition and so very tart, sweet and delicious! They are full of antioxidants (our anti-age allies) and have both anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. They are super efficient in preventing and treating urinary tract infections – they prevent bacteria from prospering in the urinary tract lining; as a diuretic they also help flush out unwanted toxins and bacteria with the urine. It’s also been shown that cranberries could have a role in the prevention of kidney stone formation. They also stop bacteria from binding onto the teeth, and they fight gum disease! It’s basically a nutrient dense gem that supports both your immune and cardiovascular systems and contributes to overall more vibrant health.


The base of this crispy morning treat is buckwheat and quinoa flakes – again, stuff that is kind to the stomach, completely gluten-free and full of essential nutrients. You’ll get a dose of healthy fats and proteins from the hazelnuts and almonds, as well as a whole bunch (granola joke!) of important minerals.


Enjoy your granola for breakfast or as a healthy snack in the afternoon with a little organic riceCranberry +Carob Granola or almond milk (YUM!) or your favorite yogurt (I’ve just discovered the most amazing vegan yogurt in my local organic store. It’s based on coconut milk: a seriously addictive new treat!).

Hope you’ll like waking up even more with this one!


Gluten-free Carob and Cranberry Granola
makes 10-15 servings
Oh, and did I mention, it’s vegan!
200g buckwheat flakes
100g quinoa flakes
50g pumpkin seeds
50g sunflower seeds
50g hazelnuts
60g almonds
200g agave syrup
2 big tbsp. coconut oil
1 big tbsp. carob powder
3 big handfuls cranberries
Cranberry +Carob Granola
-Start by preheating the oven to 170
– Roughly crush the hazelnuts and the almonds in a food processor or chop manually
– Melt the coconut oil.
Add all the dry ingredients, except for the carob, into a big bowl and mix. Then add the agave and melted coconut oil.
– Mix thoroughly and then spread the granola blend out onto a big sheet tray covered with parchment paper (You may need to do the roasting in two batches depending on the size of your sheet tray.).
– Put the granola in the middle of the oven for 25-30 minutes; stir every 10 minutes. When the granola turns golden brown it’s time to take it out. Let it cool and then add the carob and the cranberries; mix well. The granola will get crispy as it dries.
– Keep in an airtight jar for up to 2 weeks (if it lasts that long – mine never does!)  

Nadine Andreewitch is a Swedish transplant in Paris. She captures both physical and sensual beauty/pleasures of food in an intelligent, creative way. Her eye comes from having worked in the fashion industry, though her latest influences come from her recent certification as a yoga teacher.
“To create more awareness in regards to how we can eat and pamper ourselves in a healthier and more responsible way. Simply learn to choose better. It’s also about showing you how to prepare delicious, easily prepared meals that are good for your bodies and respectful of the environment, without feeling that you are missing out.” -Nadine

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