Daily picks: MindBodyGreen

I first discovered the body’s ability to function on little-to-no sleep while in an intense one-year study program, where we were lucky if four hours of sleep came to us. How quickly the body jumps back into the bliss of a full eight, or even nine hours of restful, peaceful, precious sleep!

Now I’ve found myself again amazed at the capacity to live, and even dare I say excel (physically, at least!) with an extended lack of sleep — this time the disruption comes in the form of a wonderful baby girl. Interrupted sleep is no one’s bedfellow, but I’ve also come into the land of a Vata mind: it’s restless nights of baby and To Do lists. It wasn’t until a week ago that I got my first stretch of seven hours, uninterrupted!

Checking out this infographic from MindBodyGreen, I’m shocked that 61% of people crave sleep over sex. Wowza! I thought that was just when a new baby is around. Guess people can relate, after all!


Photo by pedrosimoes7, used with Creative Commons license.

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