DJ HyFi: electrifying/seducing audiences on their mats nationwide

Saturday nights are not generally my favorite time for a yoga class. Call me crazy, but my preferences include rocking on my front porch with a glass of Malbec balanced upon my knee, as opposed to rocking out balanced upon my yoga mat. With two little boys that run me ragged by the end of the day, motivating myself to get out once they are sleeping soundly in their beds isn’t always an easy feat. It usually involves delicious food or delectable wine, easy to come by in this lovely foodie town of mine, but not a common occurrence as a parent of two young children, nonetheless.

This is why I was one of the last minute sign-ups for the event at Mission Yoga, here in Charleston, South Carolina, a couple of weeks ago. I knew it was going to be a small force of nature for it to happen, so I was leaving my options open. Final motivation? Exploring culinary options POST practice was put on the table (thank you, Chelsea), and this is how I found myself walking through Mission’s doors at a time of night that I usually reserve for adult activity NOT involving exercise.

Ian is tall. Very tall. And Ian is shy. Seductively so. He quietly maneuvered his way around the studio as we all set up our mats, and when it was finally time to get started, Ashley Bell kicked into her Lotus-inspired practice and Ian gave a little wave of a hello. Or was it a cool nod of the head? I can’t remember, but either way I was captivated. Not just because he is adorable (which he is), but because Ashley’s flow (which I am somewhat familiar with) and Ian’s spinning went together like peas and carrots. Better than peas and carrots, like chocolate and sea salt. Sex and cigarettes. You get the picture. As we moved and sweated and breathed and danced through the movements, Ian seamlessly paired each and every gesture with a sound to elevate the energy to unimaginable places.

There is absolutely no denying that the experience with Ian is ecstatic. One of ecstasy. An organic orgasmic hour-and-a-half of a sweaty, steamy practice that leaves you lying in savasana thinking, “Man, a cigarette would be so nice right about now.” The rise and fall of the breath to this pulsation of sound. This energetic peak and fall, all aligned with pounding coming from Ian’s enormous (ahem) speakers…  It’s enough to make me blush tapping on my keyboard in a coffee shop on a Friday afternoon.

Lucky for me, the carrot of exploring a foodie option was grasped, via my post-yoga trip to a swanky new locale, The Warehouse, where Ian and his lovely girlfriend, Taya, met us after class. It turns out the two are traveling the country, delivering Ian’s mystical presence to yoga practices nationwide. I cannot recommend it enough. Not only for the sensual experience, but to meet these two inspiring individuals who are exploring/growing/experiencing the yoga world at a level that’s about as grassroots as you can get. I love happening upon a connection with the real thing. And these two are it.

Check out their schedule and hear Ian here.



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