Enlighten Candles: Tapping into YOUR Intuitive Source

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There is something about lighting a candle that is akin to flipping a switch for me. It doesn’t matter what the mood may be, when I go through the ritual of holding space with illuminated candles in my surroundings, there is an obvious  shift. From mood to mindfulness, there is a noticeable lift of energy all around me. Intention, if you will.

Is it the fire? The heat? The desire from my own heart? The ritual? All of the above??
According to Julianna Lyddon of Enlighten Candles, it is the intention within the actual candle that holds that space, too. As an intuitive who generates readings as part of her professional practice, she predominately works with people to help them stand in their power and bring their dreams to their reality.

“My Mantra Candles were born from this work. I often teach people how to meditate and during sessions I would always hear people say that they have trouble clearing their mind and can’t decide or forget the mantra to use while holding quiet space. SinceCandle Article Arizona I do workshops on the Chakra System and often use that in my practice and readings to help others understand more about where their energy is stuck…the idea of “mantra candles” was born. The idea is to encourage people to choose the mantra that fits in the moment and the flame acts as a beautiful way to hold attention and bring awareness to the mantra. The label makes it really simple for the individuals to read and re-read the mantra and  how to use the candle as a way toward introspection and personal growth. The crystal that I charge under the full moon, acts as a touchstone, long after the candle has burned and a reminder of the work that was done. The mantra collection is quite sacred to me and divinely inspired.”

As Julianna mentioned, each candle has a written mantra on the label of the actual candle itself. In this collection of candles, you have Intuition for tapping into deep sense, Release for letting go of what isn’t serving, CreArizona Candle Companyate for bringing dreams to fruition, Personal Power for standing fully in one’s own realm, Love Myself for making sure to return the love where it belongs, and finally my personal favorite, Truth for getting real.

Enlighten Candles are made with nonGMO soy wax, phthalate-free oils and are combined with scents that after years of trial and perfection (and thanks to her self-proclaimed bloodhound-esque sense of smell), Julianna deems fit for the particular intention of each candle.

You can feel the vibration radiating from the flicker of the wick. Infused with Julianna’s blood, sweat and tears over a company that she is deeply passionate about. Sharing adventure of folks that believe in what they are doing to the  extent that she does is pure joy for us here at Gather.

Another option that we love about this company is that there is a collection of candles that are all fully customizable with your studio or business logo, event.. whatever! Also check out there delicious smelling Holiday collection. We are putting in our order for those TODAY. Are you kidding? Pumpkin, Fall Harvest, Christmas Tree, Peppermint Bark? One of each, yes, please!

Arizona shipment of candles!

If you live in Arizona you are in luck. They are to be found a multitude of places, from Whole Foods to your local yoga studio. Elsewhere?

Enlighten Candles ships these beauties nationwide with utmost care. As you see them here being transported in coolers, they really do take this product seriously! (Hello, Arizona!)



Check out their full collection of offerings here, and support this local business!