The Art of Self Care

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  • 01 Jan, 2017
  • 12:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Online!

Yoga is an art of self-care.  But this tends to get lost in the way yoga is taught.  We get a little lost.  We start searching top ten lists and googling our way toward answers.  But the answers we find there are confusing.

The Art of Self Care is online learning at it’s best: a weekly podcast, supplementary text, and practice asana and meditations along the way.  Yoga – and the wellness or health it promises – often seems overwhelming.  The sheer amount of information is daunting.  And if we start exploring, the information often seems to contradict itself.  What should we be doing, off the mat?  What should we be doing, on it?  How can we avoid self-sabotage and keep our practice evolving?  What does the tradition have to say about modern lifestyles?

Karin takes 11 weeks.  She’ll teach the ten most powerful yoga and ayurvedic principals down to their bones, so that all bodies and all levels of experience will have some understanding of the point.  This is the way to move past theory and into actual practices.

$350 dollars gets you unlimited access to a weekly podcast, a textbook, and supplementary asana/meditation videos.  Sign up now at


Posted by Karin Carlson

Karin has been called a Minnesota Master teacher, a teacher's teacher, and a revolutionary. Her teaching spans the gap between traditional insight and modern day lives, cutting through yoga hype and getting into personal change. This is a path of heart, a path of embodiment, and a path of depth. Karin's passion is taking students into a deeper expression of yoga, both in drop in classes and intensive learning platforms. The stuff you don't get in class. The stuff you don't get in training. The questions you want to ask and the experience you need to find. A little bit punk rock, a little bit crooked saint, a lot of passion and real.