Transformation: an online journey by Gather Yoga

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  • 13 Nov, 2020
  • 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Online


We live in a strange time.

Everything around us is shifting and changing.

The world in which we are living is undergoing a deep transformation.

NOW is the time for an inner transformation…

Begging the question… What needs to shift in our life?

This online journey offers an opportunity to slow down… take time for yourself, and find ease with what is currently happening.

Join us to uncover what and how you want to transform in your life.


An online journey by GatherYoga

A weekend to reflect and provoke a deeper self-inquiry towards personal transformation.

Re-calibrate and expand your perspective to uncover your inner bliss.


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Meet the Teachers and Topics of Transformation

These beautiful teachers will be your guides over the course of the November 13-15th weekend (all times listed are Central European Times)

Friday, November 13th

19:00-20:00: Opening Circle

Led by Lisa Cohen and the organizers of the event, Alesha, Vanina, and Alessa.

19:00-20:30: Transformation through Mantra, Meditation & Movement with Lisa Jan Cohen

Lisa Cohen Transformation Gathering

The Path you are on is the Path to Enlightenment.

Together, let us explore the power of the breath, intention, sound, movement, and touch to access a deeper vitality, connection, and peace. Lisa’s passion, presence, and positivity weave together a multi-sensory experience. Pain that is not transformed is transmitted. With great love and devastating loss, Lisa continues her journey of transformation. If you are not changing you are dying. Lisa trusts this yogic path. She trusts her community, family, friendships, teachers and her heart. She can teach this to you; through dedicated practice of breath, song, intention, and movement. Create freedom so that we might expose and express ourselves as to what is possible and what it means for us to be alive.

Two years ago, Lisa lost her precious 21 year-old daughter to fatal anaphylaxis in her arms. She is the Founder of The Kyah Rayne Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing food allergy awareness, education and epinephrine availability.

Lisa’s professional dance career and international travels led her to become a student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and a devoted Ashtangi. With thirty years on the mat, she weaves together an eclectic mix of many yoga styles and continues to practice and study with masters all over the world.  She incorporates yoga philosophy, postures, and passion to each class to inspire and encourage her students to find joy, gratitude, and freedom through the discipline of yoga. Lisa’s credentials include International Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship programs. Classes are inclusive to all levels of students and teachers.

Saturday, November 14th

This day we have reserved for our call for proposal teachers.

10:00-11:30: How to grow beyond fear in times of uncertainty

We are undergoing a collective transformation. The “Old World” isn´t working anymore and the “New World” is about to come into existence. To find direction, individually and as a collective, we need to go inside, dig deep and bring up the essence that creates the new platform of humanity. However, during this process, we often meet a very powerful emotion: anxiety.

While fear can be a lifesaver, serving us to reach our goals, anxiety never is.

This workshop will help you:

  • understand and feel the difference between anxiety and fear in your everyday life
  • face anxiety and disarm it on a regular, daily basis and transform negative thoughts into nourishing, positive thoughts.
  • create an inner compass based on personal values so you can find your “way back home” (back to center) whenever you feel lost during the day, week, month or…life.

In this workshop, you will experience the mind-body connection and learn a technique to uncover negative beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs. You will uncover your values and give them permission to guide you towards (and on) your life-path.

Your personal anxiety is the enemy of your personal growth towards a better version of yourself. Anxiety is working against you. It´s your job to face it, disarm it, and use your skills and talents to create a platform where you can do your work (for your purpose and happiness’ sake). You are here for a reason and once you step onto your path you will get everything that you need to succeed.

Sabrina Rahtgens Transformation GatheringBorn in 1980 into a working-class family with Czech roots, Sabrina grew up in South Germany. Studying Social Psychology, Sociology, Business, and Law, she received her degree in 2007. Working and traveling her way through Australia until 2008, she made her way back to Germany and began working as a freelance life coach with a focus on dog owners and horse lovers. Since 2016, Sabrina is part of select teams that develop organizations, companies, and projects dedicated to the wholehearted service to any kind of living creature. She lives in Spain since 2019 together with her husband and their wise old lady dog. She is still doing the magic to help people thrive and rise beyond their own self-made limitations so they can hopefully find and live their purpose in life.

19:00-20:30: Navigating the winds of change

The key ingredient in transformation is change, and this year has presented us collectively with a rapid amount of change and uncertainty. Through this experience, some of us have come to realize just how uncomfortable change and uncertainty is and just how much we resist it. For a lot of us, we’ve been thrown way out of our comfort zone involuntarily. Since change is necessary for growth we want to try to shift our perspectives on discomfort and release some of the fearful beliefs and thoughts that we hold around it. We want to gain the resources to feel supported enough to voluntarily step outside our comfort zones into our growth zones. We want to build our resilience to life’s inevitable changes and harness our inner strength, creativity, and wisdom.

This workshop will weave together meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection providing you with the tools and resources to befriend the fear of change, make peace with uncertainty, and ignite your potential for personal transformation.

Shift your perspective on the change that may be holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck.

Experience the art of resourcing that helps fuel your capacity for growth and transformation

Befriend fear and build inner resilience to life’s challenges and changes

Learn mindfulness practices to enhance self-awareness and the mind-body connection

Gain clarity around unhelpful thoughts or beliefs that may be feeding irrational fears

Simone Da Costa Transformation Gathering

Born and raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Simone spent her earlier years studying Psychology and engaging in her own inner journey of discovery and self-acceptance. She studied yoga with internationally celebrated Rasa Yoga teacher Sianna Sherman and meditation and spirituality under the lineage of Adi Shankara. Simone is currently operating as a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist in supervised training. Her own journey toward awakening and personal transformation has been the driving force behind her passion to share all that she’s learned over the years with other seekers. Simone enjoys blending all of her knowledge and experience in Mindfulness, yoga, and psychology into unique workshops catered towards self-development, self-empowerment, and self-discovery. Simone is passionate about helping individuals to reconnect with their true selves, find more peace and fulfillment in life, and prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

20:30-21:00:  Tribe Talk

Break out sessions led by the organizing team to hold space for discussion and reflection.

Sunday, November 15th

10:00-11:30: Slow Down, Create Space & Peace Awaits with Amir Jaan

Transformation Gathering with Amir JaanThis session represents the Basic Equation in the Transformational process; leading us Back home into our Rightful & Sovereign Seat of Self Awareness in the quiet & peaceful garden of the heart ♥️ and Away from a wide variety of difficult emotions that are being mainly generated by Unclear Perceptions & the stressful nature of modern-day life. 

These increasingly strange & uncertain times are giving rise to unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress around work, money, family, health & personal relationships. The subsequent explosion in both physical & mental health issues in our families, communities & societies amplifies our need to reflect on our personal transformation.

In this workshop; We will experiment with practices that mindfully cultivate, open up & hold a state known as “Deep Field Awareness” ~ The aim of this practice is to learn or come to understand, overstand, and innerstand, that we can consciously re-establish a lasting & meaningful connection with our Soul Self or Central Self or Primary Essence Self • The part of us that silently watches, free of fear… the conscious ocean of Stillness that Underlies Our Existence. Watching this while we simultaneously attended to our daily routines & responsibilities. Watching consciously, from that quiet place, just an atom beyond the sphere of thinking • A place that forever patiently awaits our attention • ☸️

The main medicine in this experimental experiential offering will be an invitation to slow down and enjoy the rhythm of long slow deep breathing. Take a little break from your routines, relationships & responsibilities. Allow yourself the moments to reflect, to remember, to review, and perhaps to readdress a few important issues – like one’s own fundamental beliefs & perceptions about the nature of reality.

Amir guides you to explore, learn, and gather from a variety of effective methods to polish the lens of perception. Assist the process of clarifying the mind, while simultaneously strengthening & softening the physical body. Uncover a deep relaxation and rest at ease in the present moment 🙏🏽✨

17:00-18:30: Your Golden Shadow with Suzanne Faith

Suzanne Faith Transformation GatheringCurrently, it seems that the planet is naturally cleansing itself from the inside. There are many collective and personal shadows rising to the surface, including anger, violence, hatred, addictions, and various mental and emotional stressors. As a human race, we don’t necessarily evolve until we can learn more about our shadow sides and connect all of our missing pieces.  

A shadow is a part of ourselves that is hidden, disowned, ignored, and often deeply uncomfortable. Cultural and social constructs become imprinted upon our unconscious and begin to shape our lens of perception and govern our behavior and emotion. It takes a great deal of compassion, acceptance, steadfastness, and radical honesty to explore our own negative tendencies. 

To truly work with our dark sides, it is critical that we stand in the light of our awareness and practice self-inquiry and discernment. As a result, we can cultivate life-changing shifts. There are several powerful methods used to do this work, including purification practices and with the transformational presence of Maha Shakti. 

Join Suzanne for a session of grounding into the body with a few asanas, and dive into Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, and Self-Reflective practices by exploring various theoretical frameworks and subtle-body practices to shed new light upon ourselves.


The Blissfulness of the Inner-Body, a Meditation with Andrea Boni

Transformation Gathering with Andrea BoniIn these troubled times when the circumstances of our lives have been shifted upside down, we may find it challenging to stay committed to our meditation practice. 

When we sit for meditation, we are often faced with two main issues: the body and the mind. These are very much related to one another and both are filled with an incredible amount of bliss. 

Not the kind of bliss we’re so used to in our daily living. It’s a quality of bliss that has no object, no goal, and emerges as a spontaneous wellspring, from the very depth of our being. 

The more our mind learns to extract the bliss from every portion of the body, from toe to head, the more our body is ready to soften into the mind and release its juice. 

This meditation workshop is aimed to exercise a new relationship with our body/mind by using two important tools, pratishthā, steadiness of the eyes, and samatā evenness of the mind. 

Meditation teaches us to capture these brief moments of communion and expand them, offering us support in these increasingly difficult periods of uncertainty in our lives.

20:30-21:00:  Closing Tribe Talk

Closing Circle and break-out sessions led by the organizing team to hold space for discussion and reflection on the weekend.


How to Join

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In gratitude



We truly hope you will join us on this transformative journey.

In love. 


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