Yoga Adventure to Peru

Event Info:

  • 05 May, 2018
  • Time not set
  • Peru

Our Peru yoga retreat adventure delves in, and goes beyond, the Sacred Valley to highlight not only the hum and heart of Machu Picchu but also the hum and heart of Peru’s people and beautiful cities.

We’ll taste the gourmet flavor of Lima and catch the vibrancy of Cusco by day and by night.  From Peru’s new cosmopolitan centers to its ancient ones, we’re diving into a Peru adventure through time.  This adventure is rich in Peru’s culture, history and nature.

Our Sacred Valley exploration will take in natural beauty of the Inca’s ancient culture as well as time with the local Amaru community, a visit to the Pisac market and a trip to the retreat and temple-fortress of Ollantaytambo.  Partake in a local Pachamama ceremony, yoga in Peru in an old chapel and amid nature and take in all the heart this extraordinary country has to offer. Details at and bookings at

Posted by Elizabeth Rowan

I am here to guide you through the practice of a lifetime: a continual cycle of transformation, healing, rebirth, repeat. This is the alchemy of yoga. Nearly a decade ago, I was living in Hong Kong as a corporate expat, overworked and under inspired, deeply missing the soulful connection to my higher Self that yoga would later reveal. I still recall the peace I found once I began frequenting a yoga studio near my office before the city roared to life every day. I wanted to regularly access that sense of centeredness and completion, and like an aspiring albeit impatient yogi, wanted my peace basically yesterday. After growing a personal practice and completing several paths of yoga study and trainings while still managing the daily hustle, I realized that all this time yoga had been awakening me to my true Self who I'd quieted for so long. Once connected to and emboldened by my truth, meaning, and authenticity, I changed career tracks to begin teaching yoga in 2011; reclaimed and revolutionized my personal life (including but not limited to divorce and moving and all those transitions entail); and began healing a life's worth of, well, life. Now I teach in The Kaivalya Yoga Method, a style in both the Ashtanga and Jivamukti lineages that emphasizes intelligent sequencing, precise hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, humor and heart. My yoga study to date includes 500 hours under Alanna Kaivalya (New York, New York), 200 hours under Yogananth Andiappan (Andiappan Yoga, Hong Kong; Chennai, India), prenatal yoga certifications under Jacci Gruninger and Oh Baby! Fitness, children's yoga certification in the Kundalini tradition of Radiant Child Yoga, and maintaining an ongoing meditation practice and Ashtanga practice. My ritual and alchemy study under Alanna Kaivalya informs the personal ritual work that I currently offer to private clients and on retreat. Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, US, I work with private clients, offer workshops and trainings, teach publicly and land here when I'm not leading retreats around the world for The Travel Yogi. I truly look forward to sharing and guiding you through the practice of a lifetime: the alchemy of yoga's profound process of transformation, healing, rebirth, repeat. Thanks so much for stopping by, Elizabeth