Yoga Weekend Rejuvenate & Restore with Lisa Cohen & Alesha Cumpton

Event Info:

Join us at Casa España for a weekend of yoga, rest and rejuvenation. Options available for drop in classes or staying at the casa to fully immerse yourself and get a break from your routine.

Your home for the weekend is a lovingly restored Villa by the sea in a quaint town called Garraf, just off the coast of Barcelona. Mediterranean Sea Views from the casa and garden, minutes walk to the beach, and panoramic hiking trails at your doorstep.  Pick from shared or private accommodation, starting at 360€

You will get:

6 yoga sessions (mix between creative vinyasa and restorative or nidra)

deliciously crafted meals (vegetarian or vegan options)

ample free time to relax in the garden, on the beach, in the pool, hike the mountains…

Invest in a weekend for you to replenish, contact for available options:

Drop In Yoga Workshop

Evening Imersive

Full Weekend, all Inclusive (yoga, meals, accommodation)

Posted by lisa Cohen

Yoga came into my life when my father and sister took me to their Ashtanga yoga teacher, Anthony "Prem" Carlisi, in 1998. I did Primary series, all of Primary series in my first class. I couldn’t move after class or the week after. I was humbled. I knew that I would practice yoga for the rest of my life. I didn’t know that I would teach, but Prem passed the torch to me when he moved away. After 15 years on the mat, I am still a lifelong student, still humbled and still in-love with the Practice. After pursuing gymnastics in my youth I became immersed in dance. I spent many years on and off the stage performing ballet, modern and jazz, and musical theatre. I found my way off the stage and onto the mat after my first child. My yoga classes and teaching style are an ecclectic blend of many yoga traditions and cultures from living all over the world. I have been blessed to have studied with many yoga masters. Sri K. Phattbi Jois the father of Astanga yoga, John Friend the father of Anusara Yoga (Level1,2,3), Kundalini with Master Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and so many incredible teachers who helped me create and define my own flowing style. Sharron Gannon and David Life of Jivamukhti Yoga opened my eyes and my practice to incorporate the element of dance and flow in a unique and unorthodox Astanga mix style. I have been inspired by Shiva Rae, Tim Miller, Eddie Stern, Bhavani Maki, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sierra Sherman, Noah Maze, Jeff Martens, Ian Lopatin, David Romanelli and Dave and Cheryl Oliver, and my most profound teachers, my family. Yoga opened me up to many ways of seeing and learning, communicating and growing. Yoga is opening, loving and evolving. Yoga is an ego corrective experience. Finding yoga has helped me practice gratitude everyday in every way. My class is appropriate for all students willing to try something new and step out of what they might think is possible, ordinary or routine. With guidance and love I try to challenge each student while nourishing the body with breath and awareness and clarity of alignment. I continue to practice and discover and teach Hatha, Astanga and Vinyasa flow classes daily in Phoenix , Arizona and workshops all over the globe. I have been involved with many 200 & 500 Teacher Training programs including At One Yoga, LifePower Yoga, Southwest Institue of Healing Arts, and Inner Vision Yoga.