Fire for Transformation Yoga Workshop Lyon, France

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Jessica Magnin workshop

Jessica Magnin workshop

Fire for Transformation

Since the beginning of time, fire has been used in many sacred ceremonies as a means of cleansing, purifying, transforming, cultivating heat, energy and light as well as honoring the venerated sun. According to Tantra, our abdomen is the home to two essential flames, Jathara Agni, which is our internal fire that governs the digestion of nutrients, emotions, thoughts and experiences, and Bhuta Agni which transforms us spiritually by burning our inner demons, our habits, our karma and our engrained patterns.

Our practice today will focus on igniting our inner fire in a balanced way though specific asanas, kriyas and pranayama techniques as a form of purification and finally a sacred meditation that transforms knowledge into wisdom.

Posted by Jessica Magnin

Jessica Magnin was born to connect and be connected, to inspire and be inspired. Multi-facetted, complex and yet authentically simple, she is sensitive, introspective, intensely passionate, an introvert and an extrovert, in the same breath. Playful at heart, she shoots for the stars; a devoted mother, student, teacher, Nomad and most of all, a be-er. Founder and co-director of O2yoga, Jessica inspires yogis across the globe offering international workshops, intensives, retreats, teacher trainings and humanitarian events. Some of her favourite moments are found in the serendipity of random meetings of new souls. An inspirational teacher and writer, she offers emotional coaching and mentoring. The path of self-transformation and wholeness is her true love and aspires others to uncover their full potential and unique radiance. You can find her on her mat or in one of the four corners of the world. Offers retreats, in-depth chakra training, transformational shadow retreats, workshops, emotional coaching and private mentoring.