GatherYoga: A (R)Evolution

There is change in the air. Can you feel it? For about a year now, we have been working to this moment in the lifespan of Gather. With June (and our new launch!) quickly approaching, we just wanted to take a second to share with you a little bit why the shift in direction.

We have always had the teacher’s best interest at heart. This is why, since day 1, we have called ourselves “A Collective.” We initially intended to serve the entire community of yoga at large, but quickly realized that it was overwhelming for just the two of us to accomplish something of such epic proportion. A directory (our first iteration) was cumbersome, and, for Alesha and I who are both connectors, it didn’t breathe enough actual life for us to feel content.  

Last year at about this time, it dawned on us who were the most in need of our service: THE LOCAL TEACHERS. Those teachers that we are adore and who are there for us day in and day out. Holding our hands, lengthening our spines, hearing our stories. Being accountable. THAT is who we wanted to get behind. 

We got really honest with ourselves and realized that our mission needed to become amplifying the level of teacher that has so much to offer, but are only reaching the students that are physically in front of them. We put on our ‘business caps’ and decided that we wanted to hold their hands in creating ways to make passive income while they are in savasana. This is why the video platform. 

Supporting the local teacher in connecting with their tribes beyond the yoga mat on onto the screen.  In our humble opinion, the effort of physically teaching yoga to students in classroom or private settings in person is not sustainable- physically, emotionally OR financially. Creating videos that their already adoring tribes could access is our solution. And one that we hope establishes for the local teacher an entirely new space online.

This is our mission: an online movement of amplifying the local yoga teacher.

All we have to say is, it’s about damned time. 

~Natalie and Alesha