Fall Into the Flow: Mat Music by Kelynn

Fall leaf

Falling Short by Laepsley
Fall by Dotan
Fall Afresh by Jeremy Riddle
Fall by Ed Sheeran
Falling by Iration
Rise & Fall by Adventure Club, featuring Krewella
Falling by HAIM
Fall Apart Today by Schuyler Fisk
Falling Apart by Emile Haynie
Fly Before You Fall by Cynthia Erivo
Falling or Flying by Grace Potter
First Fall by The Echelon Effect

Before I address the theme of “falling,” I want to bring your attention to Grace Potter’s lyrics in one of the songs from the playlist:

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s a life behind a song.”

Let that sink in with you for a moment. Can the life of a song breathe life into you as you flow on your mat? I believe that it can. Placed in the right sequence, a song has the ability to guide the pace and mood of your yoga practice. In that same regard, carefully chosen lyrics have the potential to awaken you, stir your spirit, and then poetically rock you from pose to pose, much like a lullaby. So as we snuggle into our sweaters, appreciate the vibrant fall foliage, and awaken our senses to the smell of pumpkin spice, I thought it might be fitting to entitle this playlist “Fall into the Flow.”

Don’t let the title fool you though, these songs could take you much deeper than a pile of leaves in November. “How?” you might ask. Well, much like we enjoy seeing the leaves change color and fall… We don’t look at the leaves and think, “Oh how sad. Their colors are changing because they are dying, because they failed.” No, we look at them and think, “Wow, look at the beauty!” We welcome the splendor that comes from their growth and even though we don’t know exactly how or what will grow after they fall, we know that something beautiful will rise up. I invite you to enjoy that same rise and fall in yourself.

Therefore, instead of “How do you fall?” the question becomes “Are you willing to fall?” After I crafted this playlist, let go, and allowed myself to flow, the questions that the songs stirred within me were, “When did falling become unacceptable? Why am I scared of falling? Why do I equate the word falling to the word failing?” As I continue to use these songs to work through these questions on my mat, I am learning to shift my perspective. I have begun to view falling as the beginning of a new season in myself, instead of an end.

What questions will arise for you if you choose to hit play and fall?

Will you fall apart? Will you fall afresh?

This November, allow yourself to fall out of your snuggly comfort zone and fall into something bigger, something greater. Change is inevitable. We can either waste our energy fighting against it, or we can fall into the flow.

Featured image used with creative commons license by Steven DePolo

Kelynn Giorno

Gypsy soul, Kelynn Giorno, has been blessed to call many places home, but currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her beloved pup, Anika. Career-wise, Kelynn is program analyst by day, yoga teacher and writer by night. Her lifelong passion for music has landed her the role of “Resident Mixologist” for GatherYoga. Check out her bi-monthly articles, complete with playlists, to infuse your yoga practice with tunes guaranteed to open your mind and speak to your heart! 

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