Gather pick — how to find love again and again

I wanted to share one of those posts that I’ve kept up in my browser for a while, waiting for a time when I can give it my full, undivided attention to truly get the most out of it. Because it’s about something that I’m striving to create in my life — love!

Our busy lives and To Do lists can get the better of us and our relationships can take a backseat. It’s then that we need to turn back to our partners with fresh eyes even more. It’s okay to let things slip a bit, as long as you come back with intention and commitment, which can take things to a whole new level! Here are a few reminders to that effect:

“You must create an internal condition that completely supports love. Because when you make a commitment to love, love will definitely make a commitment to you.

“As you move through time in your relationship, allow yourself to notice what’s new and beautiful about your partner. Not only will this feel good to you, but it will also support your partner in becoming the best person they can be.

Ask yourself these questions: How is he changing? How is she becoming a fuller version of herself? How can I support him in being the best version of himself? How can I see the beauty of who she really is?

“Unfortunately, many of us allow the natural disconnection that arises in our relationships to go too far. We lose touch and don’t work on reconnecting. This is fine, of course, if it’s what you want. But in some cases it doesn’t have to be this way. We can make our way back together if we remain committed to love.

“A micro-example is this: Have you ever been in a fight with your partner and found yourself completely restored and renewed after the make-up? Make-up sex is infamous! The reason for this is because it feels good to separate and then come back together (separation is a necessary part of the experience).

If we were completely head over heels in love 100% of the time, we would have nothing to compare that experience to. The reason falling in love all over again feels so good is because we know what it’s like to fall out of love! Reuniting after an impasse is blissful. It’s part of the natural course of long-term relationships.”

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Photo by Juliana Coutinho, used with Creative Commons license.

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