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Geneva Yoga Festival

The Geneva Yoga Festival

9 years of gathering like-minded yogis to the picturesque shores of lake Geneva, Switzerland

The Geneva Yoga Festival is the dream, vision, and baby of long time friend and collaborator of Gather, Daniel Anner. Daniel (known to his friends as Dani) has brought this festival to life year on year since 2009.

From it’s inception, Dani had a dream to bring people together in the international city of Geneva, which is a symbol of collaboration and peace the world over. It hasn’t been easy, starting out as a grassroots, non-profit organization with friends teaching at the festival. Dani has grown this fest into a beautiful offering, collaborating with both the local and international yoga community.

Each year the festival hosts yoga teachers and yogis who come from around Europe, and other parts of the world, gathering in the international quarter of the Pâquis neighborhood of Geneva. Surrounded by the beauty this city has to offer with Alpine mountains bordering the crystal clear waters of the lake, taking part of this fest will infuse your soul with positive energy, music, and love.

This year Dani and his team have a serious line up mixed with adored local teachers and acclaimed international teachers. Offering a taste of different practices and styles, there is a workshop, intensive, or master class for everyone, beginner to experienced yogis alike.  You can even explore original practices such as Sufi and Chakra dance.

Spending a long weekend at the Geneva Yoga Festival

Here’s what to expect:

  • 4 days of yoga
  • 48 workshops
  • 8 intensive workshops on Thursday, which is the local holiday Jeûne genevois
  • 5 evenings of music – think concerts, kirtans, DJs and OM chanting

Geneva Yoga Festival

Around the Temple of Pâquis, the heart of the festival, we gather to connect and share a meal. The array of healthy eats of food and drink at the booths & food trucks do not disappoint!

The continuing mission of the Geneva Yoga Festival is not only to share the art of yoga in all the diversity of its approaches, but also to share the culture and way of life that accompanies these ancient practices.

Dani collaborates with other festivals around the world in a shared vision to create an international community of peace. We at GatherYoga are honored to be part of this international community and hope to see you in Geneva this September!


Photos from Geneva Yoga Music Festival, featuring Yamuni Devi.

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