Getting Off the Grid: On Online Mindlessness, Folk Rebellion & Putting Down the Phone


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend name Elli and she made me remove Facebook and Instagram from my phone.

WHAT the everloving Fuck?

I am a social media addict.

There. I said it.

I turn to my phone at least 4 times per hour- AT LEAST- to see if there is a new message, an updated pic, a like on any of my postings on my various SM locations, new news in my newsfeed, babies, puppies, kittens, yoga… you know, the usual.

But it is drying up my soul from the inside out. I realize that. Maybe I am being a little dramatic, but I’m not so sure.

All the checking, comparing, scrolling… essentially wasting valuable live and in person PRESENT time is doing absolutely nothing for me. Actually, it is doing something. It is making me unconscious, out of the moment constantly living in comparison to what scrolls down my feed setting off triggers left and right and disconnected with my own life and as it is happening right in front of me.

Drastic situations call for drastic measures.

So, it’s gone. I have had many indictions- red flags I should say- that have led me to this moment. One of the first was the invite to a retreat that is happening in upstate New York with Folk Rebellion. Folk Rebellion is a movement bringing attention to offline living. Hell. YES.

If there was a retreat that I would spend my time and money on this year, this would be it.

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Inc Magazine referenced one of the founders of Folk Rebellion, Jess Davis with a few tips:

(read the full article here: 10 Ways to Unplug and Become More Productive)

#1: Start the Day Off Right.

#2: Prioritize Emails.

#3: Encourage Phone Calls.

#4: Get it Off Your Person.

#5: Social? Think Desktop.

#6: Lunchtime Means Break Time.

#7: Always On = Less Productive.

#8: Tangible Isn’t a Bad Thing.

#9: Use Your Hands.

#10: Bring Manners Back.


Pretty basic and almost obvious actions, right? I know you are sitting there thinking to yourself, “I don’t have a problem,” “What’s wrong with checking my phone periodically,” “I do it for my business,” “I read the news via social media, it doesn’t count.”

You know what doesn’t count? You when you aren’t present and accountable to those around you. You when you don’t respond or look up because you are reading something on your phone instead of listening. You having life pass you by as your eyes fixate on a miniature screen in your hand.

LOOK UP. (Ps… all of this lecturing is ME at myself. If it applies to you, so be it.)

I am committing to keeping these apps off of my phone.

These are some amazing tools that I am applying TODAY.  (Thanks, Jess!)

For the sake of my kids, my husband, my family… MY SELF.



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