Go Jane Give

We look around us at almost any given moment, and we can see how badly the world is hurting. We turn on the TV or get online and see stories everyday that reaffirm this belief.

But can we do anything? We recognize this while we are trying to balance lives of our own: soccer practice, date night, algebra homework, working a second job, maintaining friendships, staying healthy, and that’s if everything is going well. We might be in divorce court or travelling to and from the hospital more than we ever imagined.

Life is hard. But we recognize that it’s a lot harder for other people. Is that recognition enough?

No. We have to do something.

This is the exact situation that Go Jane Give founder, Josie Lauritsen Lee, found herself in. The way she explains it, “We’ve made it easy to turn your talents and interests into a fundraiser for a cause you care about. Using our platform, you can create and share a personalized fundraising page where friends and family can donate directly to any registered charity you choose. Don’t have a charity in mind? We’ve carefully curated a set of highly-effective ones that are solving the world’s most urgent problems (we’re really picky). Don’t know what to do to fundraise? We’ve got a simple tool to help you find ways to fundraise that match your unique interests and lifestyle. Meanwhile, there are satellites in space (holy moley!) relaying texts and status updates and photos instantly anywhere on the planet. Sharing a fundraiser couldn’t be simpler or more fun.”Gjg1

So whatever you care about: global warming, animal rights, human rights, relief for impoverished countries, education, you can make a difference, and it doesn’t have to become your life. Making a difference can complement your daily life. You’re a yoga teacher? Teach a karma class. It’s free for the students that attend, but it brings awareness to your charity and you can collect donations after class.

The incredible women behind Go Jane Give have made it simple to integrate fundraising into your life. They are empowering busy people everywhere to make a difference in the world around them.gjg3

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