About This Marriage Thing …

May 22, 2015

Marriage is an interesting endeavor. Two humans join together, supposedly for life, many times not TRULY knowing the other person, not knowing if they can actually LIVE together, each participant being on their best behavior (for the most part) in order to woo the other, and most truthfully, each person NOT EVER REALLY KNOWING THEMSELVES FIRST. Add in the fact that if you’ve been married for over seven years, you’re very literally not the same person you were when you got married. Neither is your spouse. Your biology, the entirety of your cellular structure, turns over completely every seven years. […]
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Gather Pick: Love is All We Need

May 21, 2015

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but this video featuring a son’s love his mother is still spreading its way across the Internet. It’s hard not to tear up at the heartfelt message: Everyone deserves to love and be loved. We couldn’t agree more.—and we needed the reminder! (On a side note, it doesn’t surprise us that a mama who loves life so much also loves yoga—we hope we’ll bump into her at a yoga class sometime!) Watch and enjoy!

Gather Archive: How to Grow Your Yoga Community and Expand Your Business

May 20, 2015

Every so often, we like to bring back particularly timeless and relevant blog posts, and this is one of our faves.  1) CONNECT — Connecting with people is the essence of our community. •    Greet every student as they come into the space, receive them well…and genuinely. Make eye contact with them, acknowledge their presence, smile, and greet everyone who walks through the door. Remember that for many people it takes great courage to walk into a yoga studio and take their first class. •    Get to know students by name, as it is often said that the sweetest-sounding word […]
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Yoga Reverses Effects of Chronic Pain

May 19, 2015

If you’re a yogi, you probably already know first-hand that yoga can help you alleviate many aches and pains you might feel in your body. But now new research is showing a link between yoga and how a person’s brain processes and manages pain. Specifically, yoga can help increase the grey matter in a person’s brain, which can point to an increase in pain tolerance. The more grey matter a person has, the less pain. People who suffer from chronic pain, on the other hand, especially chronic pain linked to depression, show a reduction of grey matter. Catherine Bushnell, the National Institute of […]
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Teaching Yoga: Key Aspects of Skillful Assisting

May 18, 2015

As yoga teachers, it’s our job to figure out the best way to communicate the key actions in each posture. What makes this interesting is that there are likely several different types of learners in the room—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, (or some mixture of each). For the visual learners, we demonstrate what the pose (or a particular action in a pose) looks like. For the auditory learners, we give detailed verbal cues. And, for the kinesthetic learners (those who learn by touch), we can communicate how to do postures is through hands-on adjustments or assists. Assists can be one of the most powerful […]
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