SATIAM AND YOU Yoga with Katy and Joss

November 27, 2015

Katy: the art of alignment If you are ever in Annecy, France (one of the most beautiful, picturesque lake towns not far from the French Alps, OR our Gather headquarters in Geneva!) make sure to look up Katy (pronounced “Catty”) Misson of Satiam Yoga Academy. She is opening a long anticipated studio/academy in her hometown after many years of study abroad. An energetic firecracker of a force to be reckoned with, Katy’s presence luminates as if you are being warmed by the sun. But energy isn’t all she has to offer- Katy studied for over nine years in Vancouver under […]
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a thanksgiving blessing of gratitude by Bryonie Wise

November 26, 2015

The sun is dazzling, the sky the sweetest shade of blue (or maybe full of snow clouds, or maybe there is a gentle drizzle outside your window, too) … & we couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to celebrate gratitude. As we gather, we are full … &, a shadow of missing, for many, is constant … from where we started so long ago, the lines of our blood & how we connect are stretched from one corner of this Great Big Mama Earth to the next & from one dimension to the next, too. When I miss the […]
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Thanksgiving Recipes for YOU! Giving Thanks à la GatherYoga…

November 25, 2015

If you are like us, menu planning has been on the back burner until the last minute for Thanksgiving, which is already this Thursday for those of us following American traditional holiday merrimaking. Some of us are still looking for recipes (Ahem, ALESHA) and others are having others prepare the meal for them. (Who, me?!) Regardless, here are a few inspired recipes to kick your celebration of thanks up a notch or two from our food blog obsessions du jour. Actually, du YEAR. These website are phenomenal, if you aren’t familiar with them, have a gander! And enjoy. We give […]
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How to Celebrate a Mindful Holiday Season: Livin’ La Vida Yoga

November 24, 2015

It is coming quickly now. The holiday season countdown has officially started. Each year, we start to see the winter holiday décor and advertisements earlier and earlier, often before Halloween. Sadly, that also can make the comparison game and the urge to gift overload take over our thoughts. I know that as a mama, I often find myself looking at what other parents are doing: homemade gifts, family portraits, yearly newsletter, oh my! Or, more to the point, all the things I am NOT doing this holiday season. Truth is that, while I would love to be the person who […]
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Dear Chandler: My heart is hurting, and I don’t know what to do.

November 23, 2015

Dear Chandler: I need your help. My heart is broken about the world, Chandler. I need your help making sense of it. How are you coping? What are you telling yourself? I am at a loss.   Love, Natalie   Hi petal. I am sorry your heart is hurting. I am sorry you are angry. You are grieving, and you are allowed to grieve. Your heart is allowed to break, and you are allowed to be lost. I believe that when we reach a moment of difficulty in our own private lives, we allow ourselves to feel. When we hit […]
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