20 Questions with Lili Cohen

April 29, 2016

Recently, we got to play 20 Questions with Local Collective member, Lili Cohen. Before you read the interview you should know, Lili is one of those bright lights that you’re not really sure what to make of upon a first meeting or as she sits in front of the yoga room. She is bold, dynamic, tall, impressive, loud and smiley. She’s the one with the big hand gestures and the funniest stories. She is honest and not afraid to embarrass herself. She’s hard to top, but she will always invite you to tell your story and ask your opinion and impressions. […]
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A Tribute to Prince By Karin Burke

April 27, 2016

I was folding laundry. It was Thursday. The hamper and folded tee shirts, jeans and underwear covered my bed. The windows were open. The church bells across the street struck one. I heard birds. My phone hummed, next to the folded jeans. My girlfriend texted: Prince is dead. We’re all alone. I sat down. My boyfriend texted. Prince died. I’m sad. Going to the record store. It is hard to explain. Death. It’s hard to explain what Prince means to a girl who grew up an art fag in Minnesota. I miss David Bowie, terribly. I hold his records, gently. I haven’t been […]
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An Invisible Child By Karin Burke

April 26, 2016

Even when our teachers are procrastinating, they make beautiful things. Gate Gate from Karin Burke on Vimeo. ~Love this article? Want to read more and learn how to support Gather and our incredible community? Join the family by signing up for our newsletter HERE! ~WE HEART LOCAL TEACHERS. See how you can support your favorite local teacher HERE. ~Want to write for us? We are looking for contributors with unique voice and original story. If authentic presence is your jam, contact us:

You Get To Choose By Mandy Roberts

April 25, 2016

How often do you stop and take a moment to witness the extraordinary beauty around you? How often do you dull yourself to not make others feel bad? How often do you just close your eyes and take a big, bold, beautiful breath? How often do you play? How often do you question what you think of as truth? How often do you listen to that feeling in your gut, in your heart, or in your throat? What if the answer was everyday? YOU get to chose. This was originally posted on Mandy’s website. Feature image by Ben Waardenburg. ~Love […]
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20 Questions with Amani Murray

April 22, 2016

gy: What’s your go-to yoga pose when you’ve only got a few minutes to practice? Why do you think it’s so appealing? am: Go-to yoga pose would be standing half moon (side stretch), I think I must do this pose 20 times a day! Downward Facing dog is another. gy: Early morning routine? What’s yours? Coffee? Tea? am: My early morning routine is a necessity! I usually wake early, before the kids, and meditate before all hell breaks loose :) Sometimes coffee, sometimes herbal tea, depending on my mood, and some kind of reading, Bhagavad Gita is my choice right […]
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