#LetGo: Why we need to SLOW the F*%$ down

September 1, 2015

This beautifully heartwrenching and honest video out of the UK is attempting to bring awareness to the hectic lives that are slipping between our fingers as modern, capable women. “We can do it ALL” is our mantra these days. But are we spreading ourselves too thin? As “yogis,” mindfullness, awareness, embodied experience- all words that are a part of our vocabulary, but are we actually implementing the concepts? As I lay on my own couch, foot in the air wrapped in ice and completely stopped in my tracks with a ferocious ankle sprain, I am realizing that this is the […]
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Back-to-School Meditations for Moms and Dads

August 31, 2015

As the new school year begins, so does the joy of packing lunches, the struggle to get out the door, and school drop off. Some days with flow seamlessly and spark that memory of joy that only back-to-school season can bring. Other days will feel like Dante didn’t have to get a child out the door and to school on time when he wrote about the circles of hell. And not to sound like a snake oil salesperson, but our practice is good to help keep us level-headed amidst this chaos, too. Some mornings, as I drive kiddo to school, […]
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Gather Pick: How to Age Gracefully

August 28, 2015

Have you ever thought about what advice you’d give yourself if you could go back in time? What would you say? Maybe you’d share something you’ve learned in your yoga practice—tell yourself to worry less or spend more time enjoying the present moment. Or maybe it would be something else entirely. This adorable farewell video by WireTap that asks people from ages 7-92 to give advice to their younger counterparts—and we just can’t get enough of it! (Make sure you watch until the end—we think you’ll find the very best advice there.) Enjoy!

Should You Change Your Teaching Style to Reach More Students?

August 26, 2015

One of the things I like remind my teacher training students is that if a student is not “getting” what we’re teaching, it’s our responsibility to look for ways to help them understand. Demonstrating the same pose in the same way or repeating the same phrase over and over often does not lead to understanding. Most teachers do reach for different analogies, ways of demonstrating and/or physical cues, but they may still stay within the confines of their particular learning and teaching style or styles. Research backs up the idea that we should vary our teaching approach to reach more students when […]
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The Power of Your Pleasure

August 25, 2015

The Power of Your Pleasure We are going THERE. Down there. Self-pleasure and orgasmic energy. This energy is our life force, a current running through our bodies at all times, waiting to be tapped into and released. When a woman is in touch with this power, and is able to utilize it in ways that are most natural and pleasurable for her, she is able to bring more creativity, resources, lovers, friends, and opportunities into her life. When a woman knows her ecstasy, she radiates. She is turned-on by her own Being and doesn’t require a perfect body or expensive […]
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