Unconditional love: on body image, beauty, and breaking barriers

March 26, 2015

Let’s stop going half-way in our relationship to our bodies. It is great to accept our bodies and to eat and move in ways that help us to like them, but it is not the end of the journey. It is only the first step. Eating a plant-based, low sugar, paleo or mostly-healthy-most-of-the-time diet is wonderful, but it is a condition. It puts a limit on how much joy you can experience, and how much love you can have for your body. To me that is unacceptable. I want real love. True love. Unconditional love. Everyone talks about wanting more […]
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31 Bits: socially conscious jewelry from Uganda

March 25, 2015

Style, substance, and an inspiring story — that’s how we like our entrepreneurs, and the products they create. 31 Bits is this trifecta in action: the socially conscious jewelry company, which uses 100% recycled beads and other locally sourced materials from East Africa, gives displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to combat poverty through fashion. As if the gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more weren’t enough to get you interested, the mission behind 31 Bits is just as beautiful: “Our model is to empower people through the fashion industry. We work with our beneficiaries in Uganda to create fashionable, […]
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Yogapop FEATURE TEACHER: Kathryn Budig

March 24, 2015

Kathryn Budig is an internationally known yoga teacher, author, and founder of Aim True Yoga. She also happens to be the special feature teacher at the next Yogapop event, happening THIS WEEK, March 26, at The Visitor Centre Bus Shed in Charleston, SC! There is still time to purchase your tickets at the advance rate of $25, which is a total bargain, as that gets you access not only to Kathryn’s class, but also to the food, fashion, and festivities that Yogapop is famous for. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Kathryn for a […]
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The Yoga Poster: the ultimate map of yoga

March 23, 2015

Karoline and Frank Neville-Hamilton are partners, long-time yogis, and people who get excited about great ideas — especially ideas that enrich and empower the human experience. They are passionate about yoga, but even after 10+ years of practice they STILL found themselves having a hard time explaining, concisely, that oh-so-tricky question: “What is yoga?” And so the idea for The Yoga Poster, a beautiful piece of art, information, and studio decor, was born: “We designed this poster to consolidate much of the reading, learning, thinking and asking about yoga that we’ve done over the last decade. And we did it […]
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Yogapop inspires: meet Ashley Cebulka

March 20, 2015

Our pals and partners at Yogapop are putting together another night of yoga, fashion, food, and music. On March 26, The Visitor Centre Bus Shed in Charleston, SC, will be transformed by the incomparable Yoga Guide Kathryn Budig, Chief Yogapop Inspirer Ashley Cebulka, booty-shaking beats from The Jaystorm Project, and the feel-good, high energy acoustic/electric stylings of Philly natives and Charleston-based musicians Regina Ferguson and Johnny Shields. Here, we catch up with Ashley to get inspired… GatherYoga: Tell us about your craft, Ashley. What do you do? How do you do it, and WHY do you do it? AC: As […]
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