Helping Aleppo: Understanding and Ways to Take Action

Aleppo I am so sorry.

The rest of the world has turned it’s head and we have closed our eyes as you have been battered to the ground.

It’s not out of ignorance, ignorance does not exist any more in this day where you can live tweet the progression of your fear, you can live stream your own demise. It’s there, all of it is there to be seen, but we just won’t look at it.

Aleppo I am so sorry, it is one thing to be angry at our governments for backing the powers that bomb you, for air striking, for ‘double-tapping’ you, but now, we as individuals have ignored you. Ignored as you were penned in to a tighter and tighter space, walled in by rubble dust blood bodies bones.

Aleppo this last night for you I can’t imagine. You brave, disappointed souls. Your fierce last words, your last marks on the world. We ignored it and now you’re gone.

Another deep and stinging wound, gaping. A massacre. A horrifying, disgusting, shameful scar on the Earth. 

Refugee Into Bus

Internet Access for refugees, Legal Rights Education and Empowerment Through Technology.

The Aleppo Project

The Aleppo Project is an open collaboration among people from all walks of life who are thinking about the future of a city torn apart by war. In the midst of conflict, as barrel bombs fall on Aleppo, it may seem premature to talk about reconstruction but the earlier thinking about the process starts, the more successful it is likely to be. Our aim is to gather as much as we can about the past of the city, document the horrors that have befallen it and think about what sort of future might lie ahead.

This is an amazing resource for understanding what is going on, who Aleppo is as a city, the timeline of progression to where they are now and how to get involved, even as an individual. It is on this site that we stumbled upon a painfully beautiful documentary on Aleppo. We see the shambles and often don’t think of what it might have been before. Here citizens- HUMANS- speak to their loss- their history- their city.

Preemptive Love Coalition

We bring relief to families fleeing war and empower refugees rebuild their lives. Unmake violence with your preemptive love.

Together Rising: The Compassion Collective

We all wonder how we’d have responded during the holocaust, during the genocides….but we really don’t have to wonder. The best determiner of how we’d have responded to unspeakable humanitarian nightmares long ago is how we’re responding to unspeakable humanitarian nightmares happening right now- on our watch.

What’s happening in Aleppo right now is chilling, inhuman, hell on Earth. Mothers and fathers are watching their children murdered in front of them- right now. In this moment. As many of us prepare to celebrate the birth of a refugee child to his refugee parents.

We should respond. We should each stop what we are doing this moment and respond. Together Rising has given $2,039,145.00 directly to refugees this past year. We work tirelessly to ensure that every penny given goes directly to those so desperately in need. To mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles like us, babies like our babies.

We Belong To Each Other. Aleppo belongs to us.

TO RESPOND- USE THIS LINK….100% of all donations will be given to refugee relief.  – Glennon Doyle Melton

Center for International Disaster Information


When disasters occur anywhere in the world, Americans generously offer assistance to those in need.

Decades of experience in disaster relief and recovery have shown that the best way to help people affected by disaster is to make cash donations to reputable relief and charitable organizations on the ground. These groups work closely with affected communities and know what people need and how to strengthen recovery efforts. If you are interested in helping people affected by crisis in Syria, here are some organizations that are providing support:


More on how to take action for Aleppo:

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This is not an exhaustive list. If you have other reputable aid organizations that you know of- please comment on this article. We aim to provide you with a way to channel your sadness, your sorrow, your disbelief. Sitting and staring at the screen can be consciousness raising, but taking direct action is what will really make a difference. We hope this offering of options for assistance will be on your list for Santa this year.

With love. With respect.

Thank you. Peace be with you.