Holy Ship!! Yoga on the Yorktown, Y’all!

That’s right, it was Holy alright.

Talk about an incredible wake-up call. This part Saturday, one of my best buds here in Charleston, Zoe (of Foat Design, one of the adorable twins), and I loaded ourselves up bright and early and headed out for one of the most unique locales for yoga that either of us have ever experienced. The Yorktown aircraft carrier sits across the Cooper River from downtown Charleston on the harbor of Mount Pleasant and commands incredible presence, which made it a pretty formidable place to practice yoga.

Lululemon in Charleston hosted the event, and so props go to them for gathering together so many people in one phenomenal place for a truly inspired practice.  The only catch for the morning was a bootcamp combo preceeding the yoga, which I am still reminded of two days later with screaming in my quads and hamstrings everytime I try to sit down. Read: on the toilet seat. Not so much my thing, but to have a class with the eloquent Ashley Bell following: totally worth the discomfort.

With views of the Charleston harbor and the stunning Ravenel Bridge, complete with idyllic semi-toasty sea breezes rustling all those Lulu tanks in the wind aboard, it could not have been a better start to my weekend.  Charleston, South Carolina really is the place to be, not only for visitors, but also for the yogi!  Look for a Gather City Guide to this amazing city soon…

Peace friends!



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