Homemade Blueberry Pop-Tarts from House of Healthy

Some days, you just need a quick breakfast you can grab n go. As a teenager, I hated breakfast. Nothing was very appetizing early in the morning, and truthfully, before 7am, nothing still is. Part of it is my digestive system not being awake quite yet – which lemon water helps with (man, how I wish I knew about this at a younger age!). Another part is just not being awake enough to make breakfast or wanting to wake up early enough to sit and eat a meal.

Most days I don’t have to worry about this, I get up after 7am and have time in my schedule to actually sit and eat. When I was in school and after graduating, it was a different story. I would need to be out the door before 7am and ready for the day. This meant either no breakfast, a crappy breakfast (PB sandwiches), or an “instant” breakfast drink. Some days, it also meant pop-tarts.

Today, I prefer to make juice or smoothies, but when I need something else or need to get out the door, its nice to have something I can grab-n-go. And while packaged, processed foods aren’t quite my thing, I can still have a pop-tart or two, with a few ingredients from home.

Instead of processed white sugar, I use coconut sugar to keep it low glycemic and not overly sweet. I also swapped the white flour for gluten free flour, so it is easier to digest. And instead of blueberry “flavored” filling, I use real, organic blueberries with chia seeds to thicken the filling. And since they are homemade, they also come with that little extra “personality” and texture.










Homemade Blueberry Pop-Tarts

1 lb frozen blueberries
1 cup coconut sugar
¼ cup chia seeds
½ cup vegan butter
2 cups gluten free flour
¼ cup cold water

1. In a large bowl, add your butter and flour. Mix with hands until the butter breaks apart.
2. Add in your water and remaining ¼ cup sugar and continue to mix dough together.
3. Roll out half of dough in a floured surface (counter-top, parchment paper or aluminum foil all work). You want your dough to be very thin, but able to move.
4. Cut your dough into 6-7 rectangular pieces.
5. Transfer to a tray and pop in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
6. Repeat with remaining dough.
7. While freezing, prepare filling and preheat oven to 350 degrees.
8. Add frozen blueberries and ¾ cup coconut sugar to a large pot on medium heat. Stir occasionally until the blueberries “melt” down.
9. Add chia seeds to your blueberries and set aside to thicken.
10. Remove the dough from freezer. Top with filling, evenly in each rectangle.
11. Top with same size rectangle and pinch edges closed.
12. Bake for 25 minutes until slightly browned.
13. Store in the freezer and pop in the toaster when ready to eat.

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