Serve Love. In Seva.

in Seva

Serve Love. In Seva.

What does it mean to Serve? How can we incorporate Seva into our lives as yogis? Let us serve by example. When we saw what Britt is up to in her neck of the woods we had to share! Take Britt’s example and make it your own, or simply run with it… we are inspired and hope you are to.

Ram Dass said, “I asked my guru to tell what I needed to do to become enlightened.  My guru replied, “Serve people.  Feed People.”

in sevaHere is Britt’s story:

A couple of years ago…. I was driving to the city to teach and found myself sitting in a “same old” situation with a completely different internal reaction. Traffic was heavy and I was trying to get on the freeway. I was traveling slowly enough to read the sign of the man sitting with his dog and grocery bag next to my driver door.


He looked tired.  Cold.  Vacant.  And I didn’t have anything, even my purse was out of reach so I couldn’t offer him cash. I had seen this situation many times before, but this time I looked straight in his eyes and felt what it felt like to be sitting in a warm car, dry, full tummy, and offering him nothing.

I thought to myself, “This will not happen again.”  

in sevaI got thinking and found myself at the dollar store, stocking up on hats, gloves, tuna fish, toothbrushes, fruit snacks, apple sauce, granola bars, bandaids, anti-bacterial wipes and brown paper lunch sacks. I packed them up and brought them to my Sunday morning Yoga class. I walked in with three big boxes full of little brown lunch sacks and asked the students to stock their cars and spread the love.

We did it again this morning  — our yoga community brought  “stuffers”   — love notes, heart stickers, fruit snacks, gloves, hats, toothbrushes, socks, little baby snicker bar bits, peanuts, and juice boxes. We huddled around and listened to music and shared the service of love by stuffing 120 bags and then distributing them to our community to share with people in need when the need arises.

Perhaps you are called to do this in your own home?  Your own community?

SevaWe are so wealthy. You are wealthy. If you have a device where you can read this… Get a few friends together.  Take the kids to the dollar store.  Make cookies and package them up and keep them in your car and have the kids hand them out to those in need — or you do it.  Isn’t it true, we have SO much?
There is no kind of wealth we can share like that of our hands in seva,  selfless service, and karma, sacred action.


May we offer ourselves up in loving service — our lives and life force as free flowing rivers — where and when we can….

love. Love. LOVE.  Today and always.

Om.  B



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Britt B Steele is a thought leader and yoga teacher dedicated to bringing the age-old teachings of yoga to day-to-day life. She is the author of Pilgrim: Live Your Yoga Every Single Day, and its corresponding 108 day virtual journey, and is the founder of Deva Daaru YogaFarm in Oregon.  
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Feature photo by Tom Parsons & whoislimos on Unsplash, all other photos curtesy of Britt where this story was first published.