Reflections on International Peace Day: Pilgrim Blessing by Britt B Steele

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This was in a message sent to me from Britt B Steele for Pilgrim 108. (This is changing the course of my LIFE right now, fyi.)

It was International Peace Day on the 21st of September. Thinking about what that means to me, it could be easy to fall prey to the sadness, the injustice, the frustration, the anger, and the fear that permeate our consciousness this week (and too many weeks, lately).

Very easy.

Fixating on all of those things will do nothing to tear down the walls of hate. Sitting and dwelling on where the world is failing can do nothing to disarm the conflict. Being aware of what is going on and then being able to release to the universe the sadness, injustice, frustration, anger, and fear… THIS is where the practice begins. From here, we take action: Action to do better. Action to be better.

Part of Britt’s message is that we focus on the light. Here are her words on the matter:

Peace is an inside job.  

What we see in the world — in all of its colorfulness — is a reflection of our own internal landscape.  

When we choose to view this life as a journey…

as a whole and complete —  enough as is —

pilgrimage into our very own hearts,

we discover that any darkness we encounter can and must be faced from the inside.  

When darkness and light both enter a place —

light always and in all ways wins.  

This is peace.  This is yours for the asking.    

You, and I are Pilgrims of Light.  

Pilgrims of Peace.

We are capable of manifesting into being what it is that we want to happen within ourselves, which then becomes the light that we radiate to the OUTSIDE world. It is a powerful practice not succumbing to the darkness that can make us feel despair. It is a powerful practice shifting the mind to what could be.

This International Peace Day, we offer you love, light, and lightness of being. Here is a poem on what it is to be a Pilgrim. We hope that it brings you solace today. And in the days to come.

Namaste and Happy International Peace Day!

Britt B Steele Pilgrim



This is who I am.

Beneath masks and hats and history.

I am whole. Holy.

Enough as is.

And when this voice from deep within comes forth and speaks of

Truth, There is a knowing that bubbles, rises, and reveals each day,

Each moment as choice, not chore.

This revelation is laced with potential, possibility.

Illuminating me as Pilgrim. Pilgrim of light.

Shedding rays of curiosity and willingness to see

through the darkness,

to see into the likes of confusion, loss or sideway emotion.

To gracefully, softly, hold myself in sacred conversation.

And so I journey. I

journey inward, past the right and wrong of it, past the

illusion of limitation. I know, in this limited body that I am not that.

For I am That.


And I know how to shine this mirror.

Pan for this gold. Mine this preciousness.

know that all that wants to live through me must come through

the temple doors. I know that my offering, my service, my light,

shines through me from a source of brilliance much greater

than my softly lit imaginings.

And I know better than to exorcise the demons,

For the risk of driving out the angels is much too great to bear in

one holy life. I walk barefoot, toes spread, soul upon this earth,

touching and being

the healer, the healed, the healing.

The breath, the breather, the one being breathed.

I stand in this body tall, rooted, upward reaching,

Blooming forth and bestowing flower,

Then fruit, then seed to soil.

I am divine abalone dream

Turning head & catching breath.

I laugh. Oh, how I laugh,

As I source my body, my bones, my blood as bread, as dancer,

As slave for to all who want a slave.

I need not tell you, but I will,

That this whisper come from a source beyond, a voice beyond,

extraterrestrial, intracellular.

And I hear you.

I see you

I am you

And I thank you


You can find Britt B Steele at her website.

Featured image is courtesy of Starla Fortunato.

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