International Yoga Day, Summer Solstice, and Climate Action

International Yoga Day, Summer Solstice, GatherYoga Free Offering

International Yoga Day

is a day where thousands of yogis from around the world Gather.

Summer solstice, international yoga dayTo celebrate and honor this ancient tradition we call Yoga. Yes, yes, we know… every day is “yoga” day, right? For many (and growing) numbers of us, yes! But many have never even heard of International Yoga Day. In December of 2014, the United Nations proclaimed the day of June 21, to be a day to recognize the benefits of yoga, with the aim to increase awareness, connect and unite people around the world, and promote increased physical and mental health. This year, the 5th International Yoga Day is themed around Climate Action, and more than 170 countries around the world participate in the day in some way.

International Yoga Day is a day to practice, a day to gather, and a day to be open to diversity and connection. Each year, it is also aligned with the Solstice.  It is also an opportunity to be open to the energy that is culminating with the Full moon leading up to the Summer Solstice. A time of great energy unfolding as the lightest day in the Northern Hemisphere meets the darkest day in the Southern.  A time of transformation. Wherever you are in the world, it’s a day to honor the path of yoga and our global footprint.

Get Out

Perhaps you can join in a local clean up effort, taking your yoga off the mat. In the Geneva, Switzerland area? Head over to the UN for Yoga with Gurus followed by a Panel Discussion. And of course head to the source, as India takes the lead with yoga sessions around the country.

For more asana focused groups, check out some of the gatherings around the world:

Go In

For a more intimate practice, we have an offering to go within. The full moon on June 17th was in the sign of Sagittarius, aligned with the center of the Milky Way. This gives access to a wave of energy that can be unsettling if not grounded into center. Now is the time to distill and ground into the core of our heart to seek guidance. Once we have the stability of center, we can be open to the waves of energy.

International Yoga Day is a day to be Open. Open to the diversity of the practice. The ever growing genera of Yoga and the interpretations of the physical world of yoga. Open to each other, and the red thread of yoga that connects us. Open to the ever changing waves of life.

We here at Gather are finding inspiration, and on this Friday, International Yoga Day, and Summer Solstice, we are kicking off a series of Friday Freebies!  In line with the intention of this day, the inaugural offering comes from Britt B Steele with a meditation and invitation to Open.

free meditation from Britt B Steele

Eight minutes to sit back and be open to the teachings Britt shares. A beautiful offering to guide you into the rest of the summer months, basking in your open heart.

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