Let’s Go High with Where is My Guru: Anger, Politics and Manifestation… TODAY at 1PM!!

Where is My Guru

Here at Gather have been grappling with how to approach the election when all is does inside our hearts is invoke turmoil. Obviously, we will take action with our votes. On a personal level, we sit and meditate for compassion and higher consciousness for all beings, but the reality is that in seven short days, close to half of the United States is going to be pretty darned upset. With the divisive nature that this election has been, there is A LOT of healing that is going to need to happen. That we know for sure. Where is My Guru has come up with their own way to address the political arena that is upon us. Equipped with the minds and hearts of some of the yoga world’s most formidable guides, we will absolutely be listening in at 1pm today. Will you?

Yoga says that anger is energy, the mighty roar of desire that cannot be ignored, but must be identified and directed toward conscious, compassionate action. We’ve seen and felt this anger. We know it as the powerful unifying force that has given so many of us the courage and strength to tell our stories and to support one another. Sadly we also know it to be painful and divisive, ripping open wounds on both sides of that divide. So now what? How do we use our practice to move forward, to give voice to that anger without becoming that anger? To stand up for ourselves and our sisters and brothers? What is the next step on this journey toward healing?

Join this impressive lineup for an incredible livestream interactive talk TODAY, November 1st, where we will explore how our yoga/spiritual practice intersects with how we stand up and show up in the world.

Led by writer, editor, speaker, teacher and yogini Linda Sparrowe and joined by teacher and activist Seane Corn, teacher, leader and coach Kerri Kelly and artist, filmmaker and photographer Deborah Anderson this conversation is the answer to the call of so many of us looking for strong, empowered and authentic leadership during this pivotal time in history.

Sign up here: bit.ly/letsgohigh #letsgohigh


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