Live RED.

Live out loud

“All my life I have been haunted by the obsession that to desire a thing or to love a thing intensely is to place yourself in a vulnerable position, to be a possible, if not probable, loser of what you want most.

Let’s leave it like that.”

-Tennessee Williams

Yes… Let’s leave it like that.
What do you love most?
Your children? Your husband? Your career? Family, friends, travel, a specific yoga position?
I am sure you (we) have stumbled at each of those ventures. You didn’t immediately get into that yoga pose..and some days you still can’t…although some you can. And you learned more about your body, your ability, your balance, and breath by having stumbled.
You may stumble along this career path. But you will rise. That vulnerabilitylet it lead you to the bright flame. Embrace the beauty by choosing to live madly, wildly, and without a steady compass.
Live red. 
Ultimately, this ability to live with being fearful and not knowing is a big fucking firework of courage. Through being vulnerable, reaching out, cracking open the egg of your inner self that is oozing the points of a compass not yet steady….what strength.


We are all bright streams of red.


In sharing your vulnerability, you also share the pulsing, effervescent bubble of your heartbeat and warrior roar.
Go on with your bad self, baby.



Chandler Rennison

Chandler is married to her beautiful friend, Ben, and is the mother to the most ethereal spitfire of a daughter, Evelyn. They, along with 3 varying sized dogs, live in Charleston, South Carolina where they live loudly and with color. Previously an classical actress in New York City, dabbling in Shakespeare and Chekhov,  she is currently a psychologist in Charleston County School District, working primarily with children and adolescents. Her next move may be to own a farm, where the pig to carrot feel at home.

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