Love Yourself

Love Yourself

The average person will spend $131 on Valentine’s Day. That means, in America alone, we will spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. But how much of that money is spent on something meaningful? Hell, how much is spent on something that’s at least useful?

The chocolates made me lose sight of my New Year’s Resolutions, the flowers die and the lingerie finds it’s way to the back of my underwear drawer, never to see the light again.

What if instead of spending money on chocolates, cards and flowers, we put it towards loving ourselves.



Self love. Flying solo. Masturbation.

Yeah, I said it. You’re blushing, I know, but that’s the thing – you shouldn’t be. Why is it that self-love is so taboo? I pamper myself by painting my toenails, and my friends pat me on the back for making time for myself. I pamper myself by giving myself an orgasm and all the sudden I’m a leper.

Growing up no one talks about sex – let alone about masturbation. Then as we get older, we talk about sex, but not sexuality. Friends talk about the things they do, but not what they want – not their fantasies. So how are we supposed to know what we want? How are we supposed to know what feels best? What our bodies respond to?

Cue: Lioness.–2#/story

This team behind the Lioness is opening up the dialogue about sexuality by offering a vibrator that has special sensors. These sensors help you understand when is the best time for your pleasure, how quickly you to get aroused, and how long it generally takes to orgasm.

So this Valentine’s Day, make an investment in yourself.


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