Mystic Mamma on the Taurus SuperMoon

Mystic Mamma moon

Mystic Mamma is our go-to astrologer for all things related to the stars. She pulls together the best of astral insight, and we are sharing a few snippets of today’s post from her website here at Gather. We love the energetic charge of the Full Moon! Hopefully, these words of wisdom can help you tap into source to effectively use this moment for transformation. This is the last SuperMoon of 2015, so look up, folks!

“The more you deny your truth. The stronger the shadow side becomes.

Embracing your shadow will empower you. You will have more energy when you forgive your imperfections. Do not judge or criticize. Be a conscious observer of what is taking place inside of you.

“Clean out the closets of your mind. Purify yourself. This makes you strong. You are mind, body, heart and spirit. Take care of them. It is cleansing time. The Universe is cleansing you.

“Release what no longer serves you…Take charge of your life. Do what is right for you. Listen to your soul. Your soul holds your soul agreements.

Kelly Rosano

“This Full Moon can have us looking very deeply at what we are holding onto and what we need to let go of…

“This Full Moon challenges us to look at where or what we are holding- inside of us or in regards to people/places/things- so that we can get clear on what needs to be let go and given back to Source so we can move on in life.

“If we do love, value, honor and respect ourselves- then we will attract people who mirror this back to us. When one comes from a place of deep self-Love- it emanates out and becomes a magnetic force of attraction in our lives.

Divine Harmony

“At this Taurus Full Moon, the Scorpio Sun wants to know the truth. What do you value in life, in relationship, for yourself? Can I count on you to protect and guard my boundaries while I respect and protect yours? Can I count on you not to betray me?

“Truth speaking is the order of the day, as Saturn in Sagittarius nudges this Taurus Full Moon into taking a stand. But it’s all in the delivery. Kindness and understanding go a long way in healing old relationship patterns.”

Cathy Pagano

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