OJAS Booster: a restorative elixir for seasonal transition

ojas elixer

Ojas Elixir for restoring your vital energy

Change of season getting you feeling a bit off?

Just traveled a great distance and your body is struggling to synch in the new location, time zone, environment. Maybe you’ve just been burning the candle on both ends and are in the need of an energy boost.  If any of these sound familiar, this Ojas recipe is our go-to boost to restore our vital energy and enhance a state of self care and wellbeing.

One of our favorite Master Yoga Teachers, Mary Bruce was the first person to share the Ojas drink with me. It is her secret to grounding and restoring her vital energy when she is depleted. It’s a yummy, warm and cozy and uber-nourshing-for-the-soul drink designed to boost and build your Ojas. I use this drink and variations of it in the change of season, after long travels, just before I feel a cold coming on, or when I’m just plain exhausted and need an energy boost!

Check out some of the benefits of healthy Ojas: SIGN US UP!

  • Glowing skin
  • Clear mind
  • Great digestion
  • Wake up rested
  • Feel light, energized, and enthusiastic

Without further ado, here is Mary sharing this amazing recipe that has been passed down from generations of yogis, to me and now you, too!

Ojas Elixer Recipe

Here’s a break down of the recipe, with my personal twists. Feel free to add or modify; make it yours!


  • milk of choice
  • 3 pitted dates
  • a pinch of saffron
  • optional: turmeric and ginger (fresh and/or ground): I use these as an added immune boost if I feel a cold coming on
  • handful of nuts (I use either cashews or peeled almonds)
  • 10-20 black peppercorns
  • heaping spoon of ghee (organic butter, or even coco oil could be used as an alternative)
  • a dash cardamon
  • cinnamon


Bring to a boil: milk, dates, saffron, a bit of ground pepper and optional turmeric and ginger (if you use cow milk you need to boil 3 times for better digestion)

ojas elixerIn a blender, add your nuts, pepper, ghee/butter, and spices together with the warmed milk mixture and blend until the pepper is fine (otherwise it sinks to the bottom for a spicy last sip!)




Alesha is one of Gather’s co-founders. Her yoga practice has always given much needed balance to her demanding career: she trained as an engineer before devoting a decade to her work for high-tech international companies, and earning her MBA. Alesha is a certified yoga teacher, living with her family outside of Barcelona, Spain.



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