How are you #perfectinthismoment?

What if we skip the before and afters and just be #perfectinthismoment? Melissa Scott recently shared a post that got us thinking. It came from a place of frustration… from seeing community leaders, even yoga teachers, posting before and after photos to promote a program, a detox, a diet. Ugh.

We loved Melissa’s post. It resonated big time. So much that we want to not only share it, but also encourage each other to embrace ourselves, or bodies, our vocations, our lives in this moment. We all have a tendency to be pulled back into a past experience, or forward into a future perfect. When you really consider what both of those are, they are merely perceptions. The memory of the past is our perception of what actually happened. The future is also our hope (or fear) of what the future will bring. When we dwell in either of these realms we miss the beautiful moments happening all around us and to us, right here, in the present. We created this Instagram Challenge to encourage this intention. Observe and be fully here, in the present, in this moment… #perfectinthismoment.

A call to embrace our present moments

#perfectinthismomentWe have a challenge for you. Join us in 5 days of celebrating our moments, whatever they may look or feel like. Share what or how you feel comfortable. Take a picture, share a story, shoot a video. What inspires you in this moment? What is driving you right now? How are you adding value or enhancing your community? Show us your passion, your fire, your light or even your dark.

Just like the moon that cycles through phases of bountiful light to darkness and even eclipse. We too have light and shadow sides. To honor these cycles within ourselves Susan Fauman has an offering. A set of her 5 moon phase sterling silver stud earrings as a giveaway prize. It is beyond exciting to have this talented jewlsmith in our Collective. Susan hand crafts each and every piece which is a unique work of art. We are honored to partner with her in this challenge!

How to participate

This is an Instagram Challenge. Here’s what you need to do to be eligible to win:
  • BONUS: Share a post andy why you are #perfectinthismoment
  • SUPER BONUS: Shoot an Instagram Story sharing your #perfectinthismoment with us, and don’t forget to use the hashtag as well as tag @gatheryogacollective
As yogis, we’re called to live in the moment, to embrace the body we have *right now* @mscottyoga Click To Tweet

The post that launched the #perfectinthismoment challenge

We hope Melissa’s words encourage and compel you to share your moments with us this week. Here is Melissa’s original post that inspired this campaign:

#perfectinthismoment“I’m nervous about posting this rant, but it’s weighing on my heart, so here goes… I’m super tired of seeing yogis—especially members of my own yoga community—post “before” and “after” body pictures of cleanses and restrictive diets. This type of post, especially from community leaders, promotes unhealthy behavior and the worst parts of diet culture. As yogis, we’re called to live in the moment, to embrace the body we have *right now*, not to strive for some other thing at some other time. I’m calling on my fellow yogis to embrace the present self and promote a body positive culture, right here, right now… So here you go. This picture is not a before or after. It’s a “during.” It’s a “smack dab in the fucking middle.” It’s a “I’ve gained ten pounds of rock climbing muscle this year.” It’s a “and that came with a little extra belly, and I don’t give a shit.” It’s a “I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder for ten years, and I’m grateful that my body is healthy.” It’s a “I’m proud to be this healthy in my mid-30s, because 15 years ago, I wasn’t sure if I’d live this long.” This is not me before or after. This is me right now. No diet. No filter. No shame… Fuck diet culture. You’re perfect as you are. Right here, right now.”

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