Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day

Britt B Steele Pilgrim

PILGRIM with Britt B Steele

A guided immersion you can do in your own life that brings all the pieces of living in alignment into YOUR world- this is PILGRIM.

Britt B Steele is preparing for her third year of a program she has crafted to guide you into your practice. It is called Pilgrim.

A 108 Day Virtually guided program that focuses on “living your yoga”. It’s “do-able”. It’s integrated. It’s fun. It’s gentle. It’s powerful…. It’s LIGHT. And it will completely and utterly change your life–if you let it.

Join a satsang – a community of travelers – “Pilgrims” – walking not away from your lives, but journeying into the heart of what is most important, precious, and holy.

Meet your guide.

For those of you who don’t know Britt, a peek at her Instagram feed alone gives you an inkling of the quality of her as a teacher, a guide, a guru. She is, in our humble opinion, the essence of a guru: one who dispels the darkness or ignorance, and brings forth the light, or knowledge. She holds space for us to seek and find our light, while then stoaking our flames until it pours out into our world.

This is our Pilgrimage, and Britt is our guide.

Britt B Steele Pilgrim

“I think of myself not as the light but as the vessel that holds the flame — and just like a candle light thousand others without diminishing itself, it is my calling in this world to light you up so that you can light up others.

I show seekers, dreamers, and doers the power they already have through the practices of living their yoga.

 I help individuals bring light to their lives, and I train yoga teachers to shine that light out into the other reaches of the world.”

~ Britt B Steele ~

Is Pilgrim for you?

Maybe it’s for everyone, maybe it’s for the few who are ready. Either way, here’s what you can expect if you join:

  • 15 part recorded, downloadable program
  • Weekly calls, (join Britt live or catch the recording later)
  • E-Copy of Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day
  • E-Copy of the Guidebook to Pilgrim: Living Your Yoga Every Single Day
  • Online meditations, recipes, lifestyle tutorials, and yoga practices to supplement your journey
  • Weekly topics (touchstones) to absorb fully before moving on
  • A community of Pilgrims, from across the globe, to connect, inspire, support. (The number one request from last year’s journey was to have an event to meet fellow Pilgrims in person. The connections are real!)
  • Once a Pilgrim, Always a Pilgrim! This is a lifetime program — Join us ONCE and the program is yours to join us every September for years to come!

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Interested to discover more? We found a few excerpts from Britt’s book”Pilgrim:  Living Your Yoga Every Single Day” to share…

Britt B Steele Pilgrim“See things as they are, not as you would hope that they could be. Keep what is outside of you outside of you… and feel how full and complete you are, as is. Then, return again and again to your breath, to eyes open, and heart softened. Here is where you will be fit to meet—on equal footing—the life and love and consciousness you crave. Here is where you will wake up and say, ‘Yes. In gratitude, I rise.”

“When you look to everything you do in your life—for yourself, others, your teachers, your fellow humans, the plants, animals, and all sentient beings with whom you share this planet—you realize that everything is part and parcel of a huge magic kingdom and you are no greater nor less great than the next. And from this place, we walk together as one — every step, every breath, as a prayer.” 

What fellow Pilgrims are saying…

“Britt is one of the most potent teachers I’ve been lucky to study with. Her teachings, boiled down to simple chapters in Pilgrim, are all about integration. She helps you look at your life as a whole and get rid of all the things that are no longer serving you, making room for things that will fill your life with more light and love.”
~ Mira Kaddoura, Pilgrim (business owner @redandcostudio & mama of twin baby girls — + 3 years strong as Pilgrim)

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