A Poem For the Goddesses by Chelsea Atilla

Chelsea Atilla

To the movers and groovers,

the quakers and shakers.

To the wild ones and quiet ones,

the dancers and love makers.

To the the empaths and sociopaths,

the old and the new.

To the ones with brown eyes, and those with blue.

To those who explore and backpacks we wear,

To those who teach and children we bear.

We are woman,

Hear us roar.

There is fire in our hearts, and trust me, so much more.

So remember my darling, let the Phoenix fly,

From the ashes that burn and the screams we cry.

Our hearts are tender, protected and strong.

Follow its lead, though the brain may say it’s wrong.

So don’t forget my sweets, we are perfect as we are,

As long as we ban together, from near and from far.

As one we are united, don’t beat each other down.

We are woman, now let’s tear the roof down!



The Yoga Yaghtie

Practice with Chelsea with Gather! Her collection is For the Traveling Yogi and you can find it HERE. Chelsea is traveling the world on a really big boat, but you can find her at her website, The Yoga Yachtie to learn more about her travels and her sweet, inspired practice.