Poems to Power Your Practice: On self-sufficiency, by Bryonie Wise

I hoped for someone to hold me
& wound up resting
in the beat of my own heart

I asked for the Gods to teach me
& they sent the tracks
of slow-moving tears,
the sound of laughter from deep within the belly,
the taste of rich thought
& the feel of the sun warming skin

I prayed for something to heal me
& movement found her way
into my bones & my breath & the more I moved,
the more I fell to pieces
& the more I learned the depth of my humanity;

I keep the channels open, moving always, still

I searched high & low for something to believe in
& the mountains, the ocean & the stars above
all shouted ‘Here I am, here I am!!!’
while my heart sped up her beat
& sang ‘Here I am, here I am!!!’

I prayed for the wisdom of surrender
& the courage for rebirth & the Gods
(in all the ways they mystify me) held up a mirror & whispered,
‘Keep breathing, daughter.’
~Bryonie Wise

Photo of the poet, used with her permission