5 Days, 5 Ways to Strengthen and Improve Your Core with Laurel Attanasio

Join Laurel Attanasio in a collection of five 10-15 minute core strengthen and lengthen exercises to help improve your over all yoga practice and functionality throughout your everyday activities.

In 5 days you will:
  • Strengthen 360 degrees of your core
  • Strengthen Lower Abdominals
  • Learn Proper Alignment for Core Strength
  • Stretch and Strengthen your Core
This series is a great preparation for more challenging Poses, and the perfect supplement to a full practice. Or, combine them all to create one longer Core Building Practice!  Either way, learn how to improve and strengthen core safely and effectively.
This collection was filmed in Bethlehem, PA, USA


Day 1: Reclined Core Work

14 min 14 sec

Lie back and get ready to learn how to stabilize your core. Slow and steady movements while maintaining breath awareness will prepare you for the other videos that will incorporate more movement.

Day 2: Seated Core Work

9 min 35 sec

Build core stability and strength while moving through nivasana/boat variations. Rock your boat, twist it and then lengthen it all out.

Day 3: Plank Variations

11 min 30 sec

Build a better plank and build a stronger core. Move through variations of plank and learn to further stabilize your core.

Day 4: Strengthening the Back of the Body Length

11 min 6 sec

Our core is 360 degrees. Strengthening the back of the body is just as important as strengthen the front. Move through camel and locust pose variations in effort to make our core work well rounded.

Day 5: Core Combo

18 min

Put it all together and you have a full practice that will fire up your core and energy. Be ready to work hard and then stretch and lengthen it all out.